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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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Roleplay Suite - Character Skill & Needs
Version: 2.3
by: Christopherv1995 [More]
Previously known as : Guild Event Dice Role

A dice roll addon with a twist, containing a huge number of different skills/attributes. You can set the rank of your skills, skill rank will set how high you are able to roll for, for example: a Journeyman is level 3 and will roll a 3d6 while a master is level 5 and will roll a 5d6. Grand-Masters are the exception to this pattern as they roll a 7d6 making earning the rank all the more important to give you the edge over others. Also note that you cannot role a number lower than your level e.g. a master will never roll lower than a 5 making the chance of a novice ever winning against that roll extremely unlikely you can use '/skills' to show the list of commands that will show all skills under a category and their rank, to roll with a skill simply use '/skillname

Now included is a functional 'Needs' system each need will change at a different rate as your needs suffer so will your rolls This system can be toggled within the setting menu, by default needs system is on but the NSFW extension if off.

You can use '/needs' to see your current 'need' states
and the following commands to restore your needs:

use can use '/helper' for a quick in game guide on how to use this addon


If you want to request new features or changes feel free to message me here on in game and i'll get back to you as soon as I am able
Version 2.3
- change '/search' to '/use_search' to avoid conflict with emote
- added helper menu for addon guide in game
- alter needs decay progression rate
- added confirm messages on need resets

Version 2.2:
- fixed combat need update trigging when needs system was off
- fixed water entering/exiting message to only trigger once then dry_off command is needed before re-trigger
- adjusted combat need messages timing
- changed /bow to /use_bow to not conflict with existing slash command
- Added tracking to character race and gender

Version 2.1:
- added toggle option for the needs system
- fixed some typos from the flavour text
- expanded needs functionality for when entering/exiting water
- expanded needs functionality for when entering/exiting combat

Version 2.0:
- Added in needs system functionality
- Added 5 basic Needs

Version 1.1:
- Replaced hide and move silently skills with stealth
- Replaced spot and listen skills with perception
- Added defensive skill section & dodge skill
- Added One Handed Weapons and Unarmed Skills

Version 1.0:
- First release includes over 80 different skills with 6 possible ranks for each
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This is awesome!!! I only wish you linked the needs to normal actions so I could drink a coffee from my quickslot to lessen thirst.

NA Alessondria [email protected]
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So, the Hunger and Thirst are fairly straightforward and I (accidentally) figured out hygiene (by running through a lake). But how do I recover from Fatigue? There's no way to rest or sleep, so how does one fulfill that need?
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