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Version: 1.0.6
by: archpoet [More]

A Meeting/Voting, and Guild Operations add-on for ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online)

** An update is in development! **


As ESO Add-Ons are not permitted to post directly to chat channels for security reasons, instead, this add-on populates the chat input with all the correct info.
After clicking a button in the Quorum add-on, you need only press "Enter,Enter" (enter twice) to send the appropriate message to the appropriate channel.
  • Beyond the above, you do not need to activate or otherwise concern yourself with the chat input with regard to this add-on.
  • Guild Leaders/Officers will be presented with options to Chair meetings.
  • Active and Numbered Guild Commands provided for ease of use.

Main Addon Commands:
Related to the Quorum Add-on, as opposed to Guild Ops

- Toggle Add-On visibility

Active Quorum Guild Commands:
Based on the Active Guild in the Quorum Add-On.

/ginvite [character_name]
- Invite player to Active Guild.

/gdemote [character_name]
- Demote player in Active Guild.

/gkick [character_name]
- Remove player from Active Guild.

/gpromote [character_name]
- Promote character in Active Guild.

/grecruit [message_to_set]
- Set or populate chat input with the recruiting message for Active Guild.
Omit [message] to use the previously set message.

- Leave Active Guild.

Numbered Commands:
Based on Numbered Guild position.

/g#invite [character_name]
- Invite player to Guild #.

/g#demote [character_name]
- Demote player in Guild #.

/g#kick [character_name]
- Remove player from Guild #.

/g#promote [character_name]
- Promote character in Guild #.

/g#recruit [message]
- Set or populate chat input with the recruiting message for Guild #.
Omit [message] to use the previously set message.

/g#quit [character_name]
- Leave Guild #.

  • For the development version: be sure to rename the cloned/extracted directory to "Quorum," (i.e. quorum-master to Quorum.)
  • Copy into ESO AddOns folder.
Repo: https://github.com/archipoeta/quorum


I will support this add-on, and address bugs here: https://github.com/archipoeta/quorum/issues
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