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Dragon Bones (3.3)
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Emote Tester for IdleAnimations
Version: 001-100022
by: Werewolf Finds Dragon [More]
Please read this.

I'm taking another break for a while. My anxiety isn't holding up well and I need to take some time for myself to recover. Frankly, modding can be a thankless job and some of the people one is forced to interact with can be... deeply unpleasant at best, to put it in the kindest way I can and not as I truly want to. For now, I feel like my mods don't need any further work done to them. They're fine as they are. See you later, folks.

I'll be back! I'm not gone for good, I just need to set this aside for now. That's all.

One thing I will say as a final note is that it'd be nice if one could turn off the comments system and only have a bug tracker in the vein of Nexus Mods. That'd be handy for people like myself who do deal with anxiety. And I deal with a lot of anxiety.

See you around, folks. My thanks to those who were kind.

Click here to check out my other addons.
I threw this together for my partner and I, to aid in making IdleAnimations profiles. I figured I'd share.

With IdleAnimations, you can have emotes spaced out by periods of time. You can also have emotes link together if you time it right. We both have loads of emotes like that and they look really neat. It's tricky to get the exact-to-the-milisecond timing, though. That usually requires a lot of /script usage and testing in game. I got tired of writing up the /script stuff for it and just made it into an addon.

So, you can use it in-game like this:

/emtest laugh 1000-jumpingjacks 3000-laugh

And it'll output this:

[""] = {"/laugh", 1000, "/jumpingjacks", 4000, "/laugh"},

Which is ready for you to include in IdleAnimations.

How do you do that? You can't highlight the chat, after all. Well, it puts it in the chat entry box, so once the command has run its course you can hit return and copy it out from there!

Just put the name of your profile emote entry between the quotation marks (such as ["My Emote Name"]) and drop it into your IdleAnimations profile, and you're good to go! Hopefully this'll prove helpful to those who roleplay.

I'd also recommend my addon Masquerade for further ease of roleplaying.
I'm sharing this addon because I genuinely get satisfaction out of the mere possibility of helping others, even when I don't know for sure. I have no interest in being popular, cults of popularity squick me out. As such, considering my disabilities, I'm unlikely to look at the comments very much. So this addon is delivered as-is, with a hearty dose of caveat emptor. Anything that it doesn't already do is 'out of scope.' You have other choices. I just wanted to make an simple, elegant solution for a real problem I was having. And now I'm sharing it in case it helps others.
My ever patient beau who manages to sometimes raise my courage to the point where I can post things online.
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