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Currency Manager.
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Wolfhunter (4.1)
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CurrencyManager - Stabbed by Ek1
Version: 18.07.21
by: Ek1 [More]
Handles automagically all four bankable currencies (gold, Tel Var stones, alliance points and writ vouchers) in the game betwean the bank and characters with account wide or character specific settings.

Gold can be setup to be handled as:
Fixed amount and excess being deposited to bank and cash shortages resulting to withdraw to match the fixed. e.g. 20k hold as cash.
Percentage amount of gold betwean charcter and bank. e.g. 90% of gold stored in bank.
Shares as every character is entitled to certain amount of shares and bank is holding 25/50/75% of total gold or banker is considered as charcter too and to carry only his share of gold. e.g. You have 2 characters, 3000 total gold and bank holding 50% of gold thus bank has 1k and each character has 1k.

Ter Val stones as 0, 100, 1000, 10000 threshold for the desired 0-4 multiplier and rest deposited to bank or withdrawn as needed.

Alliance points and writ vouchers are handled with a fixed way.

About the add-on:
Initially started in Bank balancer and continued/build on Currency Manager by Onigar. Compared to CM added features for % gold handling and shares, minimized and polished UI plus slimmed some funktions to reduce performance impact.
As Onigar bounced this optional patch, this add-on and its featuers might move back under Bank balancer project.
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