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Summerset (4.0)
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Permanent Experience Bar
Version: 1.0.0
by: positron [More]

This addon keeps your Experience Bar there, permanently.


Simply install the addon and the Experience Bar will remain in the top left corner of the UI. If you want to fiddle with the internals, there is a `/expbar` command with a few options.

Bugs & Requests

If you experience a bug or have any feature requests, please let me know in the Issue Tracker on the Github Repository.


You are welcome to make changes and submit them for review as a Pull Request in the Open Source Repository on Github.
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Unread 08/01/18, 12:43 PM  
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FYI, slightly improved experience bar provides this functionality as well; altho not a problem that there is duplication, just mentioning it for awareness.
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Unread 07/31/18, 12:10 AM  

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Love it!!

Thx a lot, i hate when the bar vanishes, i want to see it all the time.

So THX a lot
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