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Stonethorn (6.1.5)
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Dressing Room for Stonethorn  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 0.10.3b
by: WhoCares [More]
Important notice for users of "Dressing Room Reborn"
Please, do NOT use "Dressing Room Reborn" (aka version 0.9.2). It is an old version that is not maintained anymore, lacks a lot of features, and doesn't work properly with the current game version. If you have any issues, please leave your feedback on this addon because the other one was abandoned by the previous maintainer.
If you are currently using "Dressing Room Reborn:
For Minion users: first uninstall Dressing Room Reborn, then install this version - you do not need to do anything special with your data files (except probably making a backup, which is always a good idea)
Manual update: simply update Dressing Room Reborn with this version, it is essentially a new version of the same addon

Equip your gear and select your skills with one click or key press. Focused on functionality and responsiveness.

Now with oft-requested features, such as:
  • ignoring the tabard slot when equipping gear sets,
  • automatically loading your desired preset as soon as you leave combat,
  • recharging your weapons (even in the middle of combat), etc.

Please report any bugs you find in the comments here, and if possible, please attach the full error message with the stack trace, and your SavedVariables/DressingRoom.lua file where applicable. I hope you find this addon useful.


This has been moved to the "Change Log" section, please check there!

Please report any possible bugs you might find in the comments section. Thank you!
Version 0.10.3 (2020/08/26)
* Fixed the Update 27 AvA skill mapping
* Added an undo function to the preset editor - you are now required to confirm your changes in order to keep them
* Added an option to save all your changes automatically when closing the main window
╰ * Default: On (emulate old behaviour)
* Added a potential workaround for the issue when the player becomes unable to swap weapons after loading a preset in some cases
* Fixed an issue with gear markers not appearing with certain default roles
Version 0.10.2 (2020/06/17)
* Restored the old behaviour of remembering the last selected page through relogging / reloading UI
* Added the ability to change a character's default role without exchanging all of the pages between the two roles
* Added support for outfits—they will now be saved and loaded with gear presets if the "save/load outfits" option is enabled
╰ * Default: Off (keep old behaviour)
* Added an icon displaying the currently selected role to the notification area, mainly to prevent confusion in case of role switching via keybind
* Added the ability to import all presets from another character of the same class, optionally without overwriting your current ones (use with caution)
* Added special handling of mythic items when loading gear presets
Version 0.10.1 (2020/05/12)
* Fixed a fatal error when upgrading from the previous version in some cases
Version 0.10.0 (2020/05/11)
* Slightly updated the SavedVars data format to accomodate new functionality
* Added an option to use different versions of each profile depending on the group role (tank, healer, damage)
╰ * Default: On
* Fixed automatically charging weapons even if the feature was disabled
* Replaced manual gear marker post-hook with SecurePostHook
* Added a setup dialog when running the current version of Dressing Room for the first time on a character
* Added an option to use account-wide settings
╰ * Default: Off
* Changed the way how the preset data is accessed and handled, in order to compactify the data file
* Minor UI improvements
* Updated German translation (thank you @D4v3Alm1ghty)
* Added Chinese translation (thank you damifan)
Version 0.9.9c (2020/03/12)
* Updated Russian localisation (thank you again @GJSmoker)
* Made some quality-of-life improvements to the main UI
* Reimplemented the page selection system as a drop-down list (with an option to continue using the old one if desired)
Version 0.9.9b (2020/02/29)
* Added an option to completely disable loading presets while in combat, effectively emulating the old behaviour
╰ * Default: Off (i.e. use new behaviour)
* Added website and feedback links to the settings window
Version 0.9.9a (2020/02/29)
* Added a key binding to cancel loading the selected preset
* Fixed some minor bugs
Version 0.9.9 (2020/02/26)
* Added an option to ignore the disguise / tabard slot when loading presets
╰ * Default: Off
* Implemented automatic loading of the selected preset after ending combat
* Removed bundled LibStub (not required anymore) and LibAddonMenu (install it separately)
Version 0.9.8d (2020/02/25)
* Added a save (reload UI) button on top of the main window
* Added a slash command to toggle the main window ( /dr )
* Added a toggleable label displaying the currently equipped preset
╰ * Default: On
* Fixed the way how key bindings for selecting presets are displayed in the main window
Version 0.9.8c (2020/02/25)
* Updated APIVersion for 5.3 (Harrowstorm)
Version 0.9.8b (2019/09/22)
* Fixed some bogus compatibility checks
* Added an option to purge all data for the current character
* Added Russian translation (thanks to vseyapognal and GJSmoker)
Version 0.9.8a (2019/05/26)
* Added an option to recharge your weapons automatically during combat
* Improved the check for equivalent skills when loading skill bars
Version 0.9.8 (2019/04/20)
* Added a new (experimental) feature: importing setups from AlphaGear
* Added an option to automatically close the addon window upon movement
Version 0.9.7d (2019/02/25)
* Updated APIVersion for 4.3 (Wrathstone)
Version 0.9.7c (2019/01/16)
* Added key bindings for navigating between pages
Version 0.9.7b (2019/01/04)
* Fixed mouse cursor disappearing upon closing the window while in a menu
* Fixed a minor bug that was causing an error message if using one-bar presets
Version 0.9.7a (2018/12/26)
* Fixed an issue where switching pages before loading the second bar in a set
with two bars would cause Dressing Room to load bars from different pages
Version 0.9.7 (2018/12/21)
* Fixed gear markers and added tooltips to them, to show you which gear piece
is being used by which set (and on which page)
Version 0.9.6a (2018/12/20)
* Added an option to lock the position of the window on the screen
Version 0.9.6 (2018/12/18)
* Added an option to disable the paging feature entirely
* Added a button and a key binding for quickly unequipping all worn gear
Version 0.9.5a (2018/10/23)
* Updated APIVersion for 4.2.5 (Murkmire)
* Added a check to prevent slotting skills that are already slotted where they
belong, to reduce the amount of server messages being sent
Version 0.9.5 (2018/09/15)
* Added support for alchemical poisons
- When loading a preset with poisons, the add-on will try to equip all
poisons of the same level and type from your inventory, combining any
existing separate stacks in the process.
- With the "Unequip empty poison slots" option (default: enabled), the
add-on will unequip poisons only from those bars that contain a weapon
but no poison. This is intended so you can still make presets that only
change armour pieces, or weapons on one bar, without touching the other
bar in any way. If you want to explicitely unequip poisons in a certain
preset, simply assign a weapon (or shield) to that bar.
- Presets created prior to version 0.9.5 will not touch your poison slots.
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Originally Posted by Maars
Guys the addon hasn't been updated in a year, it's pretty clear it's not coming back anytime soon, "Dressing Room - Updated" is still maintained even if it lacks some features.
This addon version is actually even working on PTS with no error. For those who want something very simple, this is is the perfect version
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Unread 05/09/22, 11:30 PM  
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Alternatives to Dressing Room which are still actively maintained:

- AlphaGear 2, by far the best. Has advanced features such as linking bar sets and gear sets independently to make maintenance very easy: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/file...p?id=1812#info

- Bandits Gear Manager: Good but more basic. https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...ager.html#info

- Wizard's Wardrobe: Another alternative but it tries to automate too much, and people always complain that it conflicts with various add-ons. It also has a very clunky GUI exactly like Dressing Room (both are clunky designs). https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...sWardrobe.html

- Quick Fashion: Saves your fashion choices such as outfit, pet, mount, costumes, title, etc. This technically isn't a gear manager, but it's an amazing addon with a similar purpose. https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...ckFashion.html
Last edited by Messajah : 05/09/22 at 11:49 PM.
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Unread 05/09/22, 09:56 PM  
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Originally Posted by Maars
Guys the addon hasn't been updated in a year, it's pretty clear it's not coming back anytime soon, "Dressing Room - Updated" is still maintained even if it lacks some features.

"Dressing Room - Updated" is garbage. It is just an API version change in 1 text file to remove the "Out of date" warning from the OLDEST version of Dressing Room on this website. Check the laughable changelog:


That addon should be deleted from this site.

It just confuses people and fools them into installing code from the year 2015 while being under the wrong impression that it is "updated".

THIS (Dressing Room for Stonethorn) is the ONLY actually-updated version of Dressing Room, has a ton of bug fixes and improvements, and was updated in October 2020:


There is also a mod for the Stonethorn version which makes it save your Champion Point slot selections (it doesn't re-spec your trees, it just changes which stars are slotted on your CP bars):


Last edited by Messajah : 05/09/22 at 10:41 PM.
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Unread 03/04/22, 12:28 PM  

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How to delete default page

I have multiple set pages for different locations (trials). How can I delete the default page which is empty?
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Unread 11/10/21, 03:17 AM  

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Guys the addon hasn't been updated in a year, it's pretty clear it's not coming back anytime soon, "Dressing Room - Updated" is still maintained even if it lacks some features.
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Unread 11/06/21, 12:45 AM  

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Adding additional rows and columns

Greetings, thank you for maintaining this addon. Is it possible to add a couple more rows and columns? The number of rows is currently 6 and columns is 4. Is there any way to make the grid be 8 x 8 or even 10 x 10? Thank you.
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Unread 11/04/21, 12:06 PM  

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I noticed it broke after latest update. When switching gear. it doesn switch gear until you open inventory.
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Unread 11/01/21, 11:40 AM  

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After the release of the latest game Update 32 I feel this addon is better than ever and a must have.

The new "on game" mimicking feature not only fails to provide this addon versatility but alse is a limited one on an attempt to monetize another aspect of the game and displace the community work on addons like this.

Shame on Bethesda.

So thank you so much for it, keep up the good work.
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Unread 10/30/21, 03:49 PM  

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I have a problem with Dressing Room concerning the key binding. I try to bind the F1-F8 keys to the sets, but this does not work. I can bind the keys, but every time I relog the character the bindings are lost. Funny thing is: Several old character have these binding, but do not loose them.
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Unread 10/11/21, 06:32 PM  

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gear swap not working, have workaround

so i put the builds on the num pads, and i have DPS and Tank builds for my DK. but when i switch from dps to tank or visaversa the gear isn't loading. I have to undress (keybinded ty) and then reapply the gear swap. Any idea whats happening or if i'm doing something wrong ?
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Unread 10/09/21, 06:37 AM  

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Bar Swap error

After i use change setup in a DLC class (warden/necromancer) the bar swap stop working for some seconds preventing me from doing anything even passing doors
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Unread 09/18/21, 07:25 AM  

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Re: Re: For those who have been waiting for this iDR

Originally Posted by Anceane
Originally Posted by Honestaly
Somebody made a mod to this mod that saves and swaps CP slots.
Been waintg for DR to offer this. Glad somebody did.

personally i prefer not. When i need to change my gear, its must be fast most of the time. And if this is tied to CP, then i know there is timer on this, than go up to 20sec .... so nope thank you

But happy for you if you like it.
This doesn't reset your CP, it just swaps stars... and it does it quick.
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Unread 09/17/21, 07:30 PM  

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Originally Posted by denzil
How come this addon stopped working with my Outfits since relatively recently? Is it just me, some conflict, or can anyone else confirm?
It's not just you, and I have the same problem with Accessorize add-on as well
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Unread 09/14/21, 08:14 AM  

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keep getting this pop up whenever i change to set 1, any ideas?
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Unread 09/07/21, 01:02 PM  

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have been having the same problem as @NightNeko down below

user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoomUI.lua:377: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoomUI.lua:377: in function 'DressingRoom:CreateSetupWindow'
user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoom.lua:989: in function 'DressingRoom:PreInitialize'
user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoom.lua:1125: in function 'DressingRoom.OnAddOnLoaded'

Does anyone knows how to fix this? Is that anything to do with addon conflicts?
Also it doesn't show up in the "Addon Keybinds" section
Last edited by kaysr : 09/07/21 at 01:04 PM.
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