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Murkmire (4.2)
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BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel) Beta-Channel  Updated this week!
Version: 1.3.1_Beta01
by: Gamer1986PAN, @DeadSoon
This is the Beta-Channel of our Addon BeamMeUp. We will release most of the Patches and Beta Versions on this Channel before we update the Final Version. Hope some of you will try it and post bugs if they exist before we update the Main Addon.

We suggest you test the official release before to find differences between the versions.

This Addon allows you to use the fast travel functionality of the game in a comfortable and highly costumizable way. All fast travel options you have through your guilds, friends and group are listed in a clear way and are usable with different search and filtering features.

  • Search, Filter, Favorite, Customize
    • Sorted list of all fast travel options and much additional information
    • Search by player or zone names
    • Easily port to Group Leader or Group Members in Dungeons (always on top)
    • Set specific players or zones as favorites and easily port to them via keybinding
    • Use the different tabs to find Fast Travel options to the open/displayed map (world map) and also to the Delves located there
    • Use filters and blacklists and many other options to customize your personal filtering (e. g. show only Overland maps or hide different types of zones)
    • Display only one entry for each zone or see all players you can travel to

  • Navigate and optimize your journey by many additional information
    • Identify different types of zones by its icon (Delve, Dungeon, House, ...)
    • Easily navigate through the maps by clicking on the zone name
      • The corresponding map will be opened
      • Location/Entrance of Delves, Houses, ... will be marked with a Map Ping
      • With installed Skyshard Addon you can make faster decisions whether a Fast Travel is worthwhile

  • Connect Treasure and Survey Maps with found Travel Options
    • See where your Treasure and Survey maps (from inventory) are located and travel to them immediately with just one click
    • If no Fast Travel options are available for this zone, the effected treasure and survey maps are summarized under "Maps in other zones"

  • Unlock new Wayshrines automatically
    • Unlock unknown wayshrines in your current zone with just one click and one second, depending on your Fast Travel options
    • You will see appearing the new wayshrines on the map and then you can use them without a need of riding to them or manual discovering

  • Interact with players appearing in your list
    • By right clicking on a player/zone name in the list several actions are available
    • Favorite Actions
      • Add a Player or a Zone to a Favorite slot
      • Remove Player or Zone Favorite
    • Group Actions
      • Invite to Group
      • Kick from Group
      • Leave Group
      • Vote to Kick
      • Promote to Leader
      • Vote to Leader (especially useful for large random groups (e. g. in Cyrodiil) to set up a new leader if the old one leaves; this function is exclusiv accessible with this Addon because the function is implemented by the game but not available by the basic game interface)
    • Miscellaneous
      • Whisper
      • Visit Primary Residence

  • Many Keybinding Options to personalize your usage

  • Many Slash Commands for advanced users
    • See /bmu/help to get an overview of all available commands
    • Change the game client language (e.g. /bmu/lang en)
    • Manually add a player to favorites (e.g. /bmu/favorites/add/player @DeadSoon 1) (player name and slot)
    • Manually add a zone to favorites (e.g. /bmu/favorites/add/zone 57 1) (zoneId of the specific zone and slot)
    • Create custom elections/votes in your group (e. g. /bmu/vote/custom_vote_unanimous Do you like BeamMeUp?)
      • Use /bmu/vote/custom_vote_unanimous to create elections where 100% are necessary
      • Use /bmu/vote/custom_vote_supermajority to create elections where >=60% are necessary
      • Use /bmu/vote/custom_vote_simplemajority to create elections where >50% are necessary

  • Meaning of Colors:
    • GOLD = player and zone favorites
    • ORANGE = Group members
    • GREEN = Friends
    • BLUE = current zone (where your character actual is)

Upcoming features:
  • More right click actions
  • Option to show all Group members even if they are in the same zone (to make the right click actions more usable in specific situation)
  • More Sorting and Grouping options
  • Option to activate Searching for English zone names even if game client is in different language
  • Icon to open UI
  • ...(please share your ideas )

Known Bugs:
  • none

  • If you find any kind of bugs or you have a good idea for new features or suggestions for better translation, please tell us .
  • Especially for the French translation we need help! So far special Thanks to @Hypnos882382 for providing the latest French translation.
  • If you want to translate into more languages feel free to do so.

This Addon is based on the well known "Luminary - Teleporter". At this point special Thanks to @awesomebilly for his pioneering work.
- NEW: Option to set a second language for zone names (you can search by zone names in your client and this second language at the same time, Tooltip of zone name shows also the name in the second language)
- NEW: right click sub menu "Filter" (to filter by group members or friends or guild members)
- Added new right click actions to "Miscellaneous": Add/Remove Friend & Send Mail
- Added Feedback Button
- minor improvements
(texts in capital letters are not translated/localized yet)

- NEW: Added more right click menu actions (Vote Kick, Vote to Leader, ...)
- NEW: Added new slash commands to start custom group elections (see "/bmu/help" for more information)
- updated French translation (Thanks to @Hypnos882382)

- NEW: Added additional actions in right click menu of player names (Invite to Group, Leave Group, Whisper, ...)
- NEW: Added slash commands for adding zone and player favorites
- added option to fix the main window / elements
- fixed bug that sometimes specific player favorites were not displayed

- NEW: You can set player and zone favorites by right clicking on them (5 slots for each). Favorites will be displayed on top and are marked with gold color. It is also possible to set keybinds for each favorite (in controls).
- NEW: Added Option to set the number of visible lines / entries in order to control the total height of the Addon

- using of new API function (Murkmire) -> Opening of parent map and Map Ping at entrance will now work for any Delve, House or Dungeon (by clicking on the zone name)
- minor improvements

- added option to hide articles of zone names to get a better sorting
- zone names will be displayed in chat when porting
- fixed a bug where the MapPing does not display
- updated category lists (incl. Murkmire maps)
- minor improvements and preparation for Murkmire

- NEW: Clicking on zone names will open the specific map
(it did before but the new Mouseover makes it more intuitive)
- NEW: Clicking on Delves or Public Dungeons will open the parent map and a Map Ping (Group Rally Point - remove i.e. via "SHIFT+right mouse click") will show you the exact position of the entrance)
(with our first patch shortly after Murkmire release this feature will be greatly improved and will work for all Locations)
- NEW: Auto Refresh when the Teleporter stays open
- fixed bug where an error occurs when LibAddonMenu is not installed seperatly
- more keybind options
- more Blacklists and configuration options
- various major improvements

- fixed bug that the counter how many wayshrines you have unlocked is lower than the real value
- fixed singular/plural text bug in the wayshrine-unlock feature chat output
- click on "Brass Fortress" now opens the map of "Clockwork City"
- saved gold counter counts only ports to overland wayshrines

- fixed bug that treasure maps in Wrothgar were not displayed (EN/FR client)
- fixed bug that very rarely survey/treasure maps did not show up in the list
- fixed lua error that appears when the player did not belong to any guild

- fixed visual bug which appears together with "Votan's Minimap" (unwanted button frame)
- new keybind options
- information about how many wayshrines you have unlocked will be displayed
- minor improvement of the logging of saved gold
- several minor improvements

- removed incompatibility issues with Votan's Minimap - Thanks to Votan
- API bump to Murkmire 100025 as there were no lua-Errors for me while testing (still need to categorize new zones)

- added French translation - Thanks to @Hypnos882382
- Keybinding - the UI can now be used standalone without the world map
- Option to show only overland maps / regions
- few improvements
- added incompatibility issues with Votan's Minimap (hope we can find a quick fix)

- Bugfix for Wayshrine-Unlock feature - that's why you should not delete files if they are necessary - hopefully we learned our lesson ;)

- Bugfix in English and French client (survey maps) - Thanks to Chivana for the report

- First Release
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Originally Posted by ZhooL
One of the best Addons recently - keep up the good work. It saves so much time in traveling.

I'd like to see more "sorting/grouping" options. I would prefer such a list of destinations: first the favorites, then the waypoints and after that the other stuff like dungeons, trials, houses,... Each group sorted alphabetical.

Good point, we will look into it. Thanks for your input. Maybe we can make the order variable and by rightclicking on its wayshrine-symbol you can move all of them together higher or lower in the list.
Co-Author of the Addon BeamMeUp - feel free to check it out.
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One of the best Addons recently - keep up the good work. It saves so much time in traveling.

I'd like to see more "sorting/grouping" options. I would prefer such a list of destinations: first the favorites, then the waypoints and after that the other stuff like dungeons, trials, houses,... Each group sorted alphabetical.
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Tell us what you think about the new Features and feel free to tell us if you think we should try to explain some features more detailed - so everybody can find those "hidden features" and profit from them.
Co-Author of the Addon BeamMeUp - feel free to check it out.
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