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Scalebreaker (5.1.5)
Updated:08/22/19 07:51 PM
Created:11/06/18 02:45 PM
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Pollox's Daily Quest Tracker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.8
by: Pollox [More]
Get a quick and easy overview of all the daily quests you care about, across all your characters.

Tracks which daily quests you've completed today, and which ones you're still eligible for. Also gives you a timer to show when quests reset. Find out what today's pledges are. See which alts still need to do crafting. Or which Summerset World Boss quests you're still eligible to have shared. Or just to be a daily completionist.

Includes support for the following daily quests:
  • Undaunted Pledges
  • Crafting
  • Daily Random Dungeon
  • Daily Random Battlegrounds
  • Mount Training
  • Morrowind
  • Summerset
  • Clockwork City
  • Thieves Guild
  • Dark Brotherhood
  • Wrothgar
  • Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and Undaunted Delve
  • Murkmire Prequel (Cyrodilic Collections)
  • Murkmire
  • Elsweyr Prologue
  • Elsweyr

To use, first set a keybinding to show/hide the window under the Controls menu. If you have multiple characters, I recommend Votan's Keybinder addon to set the keybinding once for all your characters. You can also toggle the window by using the command /dqt in chat. Then in your addon settings, turn on the quests you want to track.

Note: not compatible with the addon "Daily Quest Tracker". Please disable or uninstall that before enabling this one. It can create a large file in your saved variables folder, which can crash your game.

Lib-AddonMenu 2.0

Limitations and Known Issues
  • Might not work correctly on Mac. I don't have one to test on. If you see an incorrect "time until reset", quests sometimes might not be checked off correctly when completed.
  • "Too many anchors processed": This is a limitation of ESO. Try disabling any addons you don't need, and turn off off displaying any daily quests you don't care about.
  • It will only track quests you picked up after you installed the addon.
  • The addon currently does not distinguish between a quest you picked up, and one that someone shared with you.
  • You must exit battlegrounds before it will record it. Don't log off directly from the battlegrounds.
  • If you pick up a quest one day, but don't turn it in until the next day, the app will assume you are eligible to do your daily quest still. This is usually true, but in some cases you might get assigned the same daily quest that next day (e.g. same world boss), in which case the game actually won't give you a new daily quest.

  • Arch-kain - French translation
  • Baertram - German translation
  • Siegtime - Japanese translation
  • zelenin - Russian translation, various translation work

If you'd like to contribute, the code is available on github under GPLv3.
  • updated pledges for scalebreaker dungeons

  • added Elsweyr quests

  • api bump for Elsweyr
  • updated for 18 characters
  • fixed shroud hearth quest

  • fixed pledges not showing dungeon name

  • Added Elsweyr Prologue quests (beta: needs testing)

  • Added Wrathstone dungeons with schedule from http://benevolentbowd.ca/
  • API bump for Wrathstone

  • show "-" instead of time remaining for mount training if mount training is maxed out
  • improved Japanese translation (by Siegtime)
  • Added dungeon, battlegrounds, and mount timers
  • Highlight current character
  • improved German translation (by Baertram)
  • Undaunted pledges, including what today's pledges are (English only for now)
  • french translation
  • added toggle to show quests where there are multiple quests that can be shared for a given quest type
  • added slash command /dqt to toggle display
  • Russian translation (by zelenin)
  • partial French and German translations
  • gui fixes and improvements
    • ensure the window is always wide enough to hold all the columns
    • fixed quest status not updated when window is open when turning in quest
    • fixed quests appearing in a different order each time you reloaded
  • added daily crafting quests
  • added options to filter by character and section
  • overhauled user interface: shows all your characters in a scrollable, movable window
  • added undaunted daily delve
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Unread 05/31/20, 12:50 PM  

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this addon need to be updated
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Unread 05/30/20, 05:46 AM  

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Am I the only one having the battlegrounds daily not show as completed?

All others seems to be fine except the dlc pledge which is always wrong (the 2 other pledges for vanilla dungeons are correct tho).
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Unread 05/17/20, 11:04 AM  

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I wish this was being maintained as keeping track of the dailies can be tricky!
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Unread 05/01/20, 09:09 AM  

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Wrothgar - The Skin Trade does not update.

Been using for a week or so and I like the addon. Thanks. Found an issue with Wrothgar - The Skin Trade. It does not update when completed and turned in. box remains blank. Tried logging out and in. Still no update. Disabled all libs and addons except this and Lib-AddonMenu 2.0 same problem.

Thanks again
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Unread 04/28/20, 02:29 AM  

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Thumbs up We need an update please.

hey I've been using this addon for a long time now, and it's been super useful during some ESO events.
Is there any chance you can add the daily quests from Dirge Truptor and Chizbari the Chipper in TIDEHOLM.
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Unread 04/25/20, 08:47 PM  

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Checking in?

Just checking in with you Pollox to see how you're doing. I know you had planned on updating this with southern elsewhere and the dragonguard dailies. Just checking to see how you're doing with that. Hope you and yours are doing okay. <3
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Unread 03/07/20, 05:04 AM  
iFedix's Avatar
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Can you add support for Imperial city quests too? Thanks
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Unread 02/14/20, 04:38 AM  

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Unhappy Undaunted Pladges displaying heavily overlepped


i love this addon, however one section of the quest tracking heavily overlaps.
all three daily undaunted pledges overlap, so at least one of them is not readable.
Regardless how big i make the window, it wont change.

it would be awesome if this could be fixed

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Unread 12/12/19, 12:11 AM  

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I cannot pick any checkbox in the addon window, they all are inactive. Whats the trick?
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Unread 12/05/19, 03:38 AM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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addon is throwing exceptions if used the 1st time for a char. After relog (=save vars) no exception anymore. But I understand that your 1st time with this addon was long ago
Last edited by Micke2nd : 12/05/19 at 02:52 PM.
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Unread 12/01/19, 10:37 AM  

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Been getting an unusual amount of bank crashes lately, which brought out a missed edge case in the addon: if I crash during the <2min of doing writs, if won't show up as completed when it completes (I assume due to the start state being lost as savedvars didn't have time to actually save). Could we have a failsafe that makes sure quests are marked as completed when they complete, no matter the previous state, which in this case is nonexistent?
Last edited by CookieDuster : 12/01/19 at 10:38 AM.
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Unread 10/22/19, 05:52 PM  
Onigar's Avatar
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This is a great addon for me. Thanks a lot

The only extra info I would like to see is the world boss names as players normally use the boss name in chat when looking to form a group and then you get the quest share after.

So maybe the listed entries down the left side of your window for these quests could be something like,
Quest Name (World Boss Name)
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Unread 10/07/19, 03:22 AM  

Forum posts: 14
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Downloaded your addon 2 days ago, have had Error 307 (booted from server) 3 times since then. Deleted the addon, no more DCs.

I don't know which part is causing it, but you may want to look into that. My guess is that it happens when the addon is fetching information from the server, since the DCs happened only when logging in.
Just remember... if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.
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Unread 09/08/19, 06:59 PM  

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Seems to be missing the following dailies from Elsweyr
  • Delve: Wisdom in the Winds
  • Boss: Another Day, Another Death
  • Boss: A Waking Nightmare
Last edited by SneakyWitchTheif : 09/08/19 at 08:33 PM.
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Unread 09/03/19, 11:34 AM  
VeronicaStormborn's Avatar

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I'm getting an error when I turn on this addon now:

Too many anchors processed. Tail of anchor list:

Thank you.
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