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Murkmire (4.2)
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by: Floliroy [More]
Asylum Olorime - Where to place Olorime

What it does :
It will show you an alert saying Left, Middle, or Right depending on who got Major Courage from Olorime in your group.

How it work :
/!\ : It only work in Asylum Sanctorium while in combat (only usefull here).
It will look the remaining time of Major Courage of Olorime on every DDs, add a weight for the DDs at the extremities of the room, and then compare all the timer to tell you if it's more usefull to put next Olorime at the Right, the Left, or the Middle of the room.

Settings :
/!\ : Make sure to set position of each DDs before beginning the trial.
Just click on the button "Check Members" to update the list of the members in your group.
You can also modify the color of the alert.

Special thanks to Wheels who helped me with the menu dropdown update.
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