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Harrowstorm (5.3.5)
Updated:04/08/20 09:51 PM
Created:02/22/19 06:42 AM
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Version: 1.3.0
by: Onigar [More]
Each time you enter and exit Combat there is a corresponding message in the Chat Window.

When you have more Enlightenment than can be shown on the Experience Bar you can mouse over it and it does tell you the total Enlightenment available.

This addon will display this stored amount of Enlightenment to the Chat Window and also the number of days worth of Enlightenment being stored.

There is a Maximum of 12 days that may be stored (pooled) before it caps out.

To reduce the message output there is a control to measure Accumulated Exp. This is currently set to 10,000 so you will only see a new Enlightenment message in Chat each 10,000 Exp gained.

Background for this Addon
The two prime reasons I wrote this are,

1. When whatever you were fighting is dead the combat state sometimes lingers active and prevents you from doing certain actions for a little while. I wanted to have an indication for the exit point of this combat state.
2. Sometimes the enlightenment builds up and knowing there was a 12 day cap I wanted a day value for the accrued amount so if I was getting close then I could use some and not waste it.

Proposed Changes
Add a control panel for the configurable elements
Introduce options for on screen messages to reduce chat window spamming
Introduce selectable sound cues
1.3.0 Updated to API 100030 Harrowstorm

1.2.0 Does not display Enlightened number of days message in Chat when Enlightenment is zero

1.1.0 First Pubic Release

1.0.0 Private Release
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Lightbulb Needs Configuration Menu

A configuration menu would be awesome.
Unfortunately, the entering and exiting combat messages are too spammy for me.
It would be neat if those messages only came into the chat window if the game saw us as being idle. Maybe even a little audio ding to go along with that, too.
Thanks for what you've done so far.
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