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Elsweyr (5.0.5)
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Lawful Necromancy
Version: 0.2
by: muh [More]
With the introducton of Criminal Acts on certain Necromancer abilities, there have been a lot of accidental summons in cities and villages across Tamriel. This addon is meant to prevent use of summoning abilities in open world content.

  • Removes key binds for summoning abilities in overland content
  • Pressing an unbound ability three times enables summoning abilities for 30 seconds or until end of next combat
  • Automatically restores key binds in Player Housing, Delves, Public Dungeons, instanced Dungeons and Trials.

Known issues
  • Doesn't work if you're using modifiers for your primary key bindings.

Unbinding Keys means you will not have access to skills on your Frontbar as well as your Backbar, even if one of those is not a summoning skill.
So when you encounter a challenging overland enemy make sure to unlock them by spamming one of the keybinds where a summoning skill would be before engaging.
Version 0.2
- fixed a bug where unlocking summoning abilities and then porting into instanced content would lock you out until /reloadui.
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Originally Posted by AlexFullmoon
Was waiting for this.
BTW, do you know any similar addon for locking ultimate?
If you're talking about Necormancer Goliath and Colossus ultimates, this should work with it as well.

If it doesn't I'd appreciate a bit more information about your setup. Primarily which ultimate you're talking about and which keybind you're using for your ultimate ability.
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Unread 05/31/19, 10:25 AM  

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Was waiting for this.
BTW, do you know any similar addon for locking ultimate?
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