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by: DavidJCobb [More]
What is this add-on for?

The Thieves Guild DLC introduced Heists, a set of repeatable quests that allow you to raid a location and steal items inside in order to level your Thieves Guild skill line. Heists are extremely useful: you can start them entirely from within the Thieves Den and complete them without ever entering a Justice zone, so if you have a high bounty, then you can still level the Thieves Guild skill without risk. (Very useful, since the fastest way to profit from theft is to just use an alt to steal anything not bolted to the floor without caring who sees you.) There is, however, one problem: the core design philosophy of Heists is, "Forcing the player to sit and wait over and over again, with nothing to do and no narrative content to engage with, is technically gameplay." To their credit, though, Zenimax spiced up that idea with design choices like "dodging or disarming environmental traps still causes you to get hit by them" and "using the Blade of Woe to kill an enemy undetected still punishes you for being 'seen' by them as they die."

Most of that stuff can be ignored by simply blitzing through a Heist as fast as possible, without regard for any of the bonus objectives. The problem is that the quest constantly nags you about those objectives and pressures you to engage with them, using an array of attention-grabbing announcement messages and an always-ticking countdown timer in the quest tracker. This add-on gets rid of all of that junk for Heists in specific: all notifications, objective failure messages, and countdown timers related to a Heist's timed bonus objective are hidden, allowing you to cut out all of the most boring aspects of the quests without constantly being badgered about them.


This add-on has to rely on text-matching to know what quests, objective popups, and announcement messages to suppress. I've largely avoided Heists until now, I made this in a single day, and some Heists do use different objective condition texts, so there may be one or two messages that have eluded my notice. If any slip through, send me a screenshot so I have the exact punctuation and whatnot, and I'll get it right fixed up. I'll also be playing more of the things over the next few days, since I have a character to level, so I might spot a few.
Version 3
Stripped out debug messages that were accidentally left in v2.

Version 2
Fixed code problems that stemmed from mistakes made when synchronizing my files between my Live and PTS ESO installations. The add-on should now properly hide the timer and optional steps in the quest tracker.
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