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Dragonhold (5.2.5)
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Zone Chat for Group Activities only
Version: 0.31
by: Shawn5150 [More]
Filter Zone Chat Filter to only display Pug/PvP activities.

This addOn will filter Zone Chat according to a word list in order to prevent spam messages from Guilds, sellers, bots, etc.
It will detect and let through messages about group activities such as : Pledges, Dolmen, World Bosses, Trials, Arenas, etc.
It will also fully re-enable Zone Chat in Cyrodiil where it is useful for synchronizing attacks with random players.
version 0.31 :

- Update to API 100029 "Dragonhold".

version 0.3 :

- The AddOn now scans the Zone chat and only let through messages with desired words.

List of white-words :[*] LF(M/G)[*] Daily/Dailies[*] WB[*] Pledge(s)[*] Key(s)[*] Undaunted[*] Dolmen

version 0.2 :

- The AddOn no longer requires a reloadUI to work properly.
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Unread 09/30/19, 06:17 AM  
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Thank you for the great feedback.
Your suggestions are really great but I'm not sure yet how to implement them in a way that is easy to use for the player.

A huge list of ON/OFF toggles for every zones would be a bit daunting.
I'm thinking of having the Addon check for specific keywords (ex: LFG, LFM, WB, Delves, etc.) and only let the message that contains them go through. That could be a nice and easy solution (with the exception of Cyrodiil where people communicate to synchronize their attacks). Will have to think of the best way to handle that one.
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Unread 09/29/19, 09:29 PM  

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Zone Chat PUGs

For what it is worth, zone chat is used to organize pick-up-groups (in all zones), if only to attack World Bosses. In Stormhaven, Deshaan, and Grahtwood, zone chat is used to form groups for Undaunted dungeon quests.

Occasionally, zone chat is used to create a group(s) that visit the dolmens in one or more zones, too. Also, zone chat is used to recruit players who want to complete Daily quests -- especially for World Bosses (for example, in Summerset and in Wrothgar) but also for delves. Groups for daily quests are often organized by guilds, so players often use Discord or a similar external application to communicate instead of Zone Chat -- but there are exceptions. (Some might use the guild zone chat channel instead.)

If a player is not going to participate in any such groups, then I suppose that an add-on which attempts to censor zone chat in every zone (except one or more chosen by the developer) might be useful. It would be even more useful for everyone if the player could use choose the zones to censor, and could use a keybind to toggle the exclusion of PUG messages on or off.
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