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Achievement Updates
Version: 1.0.0
by: DavidJCobb [More]
Achievement Updates displays achievement progress in real-time.

Widget can be moved around the screen. A drag handle appears whenever you turn on the UI cursor.

Updates display for seven seconds, and then fade and slide out of view.

Updates display both the current progress and the amount of new progress. For example, if you kill a Flame Atronach summoned by a dragon, then you'll see a "+1" in the update. Kill five more while the update is still displayed, and that number will change to "+6".

Configure how many progress updates can be displayed at a time. (Only available if LibAddonMenu-2.0 is installed.) If you progress several achievement criteria at a time -- more than can be displayed -- then the excess ones will display after others have faded out.

The add-on tracks and displays progress for all criteria for all achievements in the game, unlike other add-ons which only track achievements you specifically mark.

Method of operation
ESO add-ons can be notified when you progress any achievement, but ESO does not provide them with information about what specific achievement criteria (i.e. which objectives) were progressed. Ergo: On start-up, the add-on searches through all in-game achievements and caches data about all achievements that you have progressed but not completed. Whenever you progress an achievement, its current progress is compared to the cached progress, allowing us to identify which specific criteria you progressed; we display the change on-screen.

We do not need to cache achievements that have been completed, because you can never progress them further. We do not need to cache achievements with no progress whatsoever: if we receive an update about them, then we can assume that all current progress is new progress.
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Unread 10/10/19, 07:04 PM  

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Amazing addon! It really makes you aware of some achievements that would have normally passed you by.
Works faultlessly so far. Great animations as well. Non obtrusive, but very informative.

I've been playing eso since beta and have been an avid addon user for years. This is one of those "Crap! How have I been playing all these years without this?" addon.
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Unread 10/09/19, 08:19 AM  

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Several things:
  • I'm using BanditUI which also offers some kind of achievement tracker and when doing daily crafting writs just now BanditUI noticed an achievement change in the "Do X total quests" ones when turning those quests in, while Achievement Updates didn't
  • I'd like an option to configure the size of the trackers
  • The look of the trackers are really good and I'd like to have them as a permanent achievement tracker, but I doubt it's within your scope of the addon - but if it is it would make an interesting hybrid: getting achievement updates on achievements you're not tracking up to the amount you set in the options + the ability to manually track specific achievements
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