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Scalebreaker (5.1.5)
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Mail Companion
Version: 1
by: ShinyBones [More]
This addon is intended to process the inbox faster without assigning additional keys. (Gamepad compatible)

How does it work?
You start the routine whenever you take the attachments from a mail or delete an empty mail.
The following mails in your inbox will then be emptied and deleted automatically, unless they are exceptions.

The routine will stop at ...
1. ... mails from customer service.
2. ... mails that were send back by players (unless the mail is empty).
3. ... mails with cash on delivery.
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Unread 10/17/19, 06:46 AM  
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Hi Micke2nd,
thank you very much for your question. I can't give you a satisfactory answer because I don't really know the addon you mentioned (and I don't really want to advertise it here).
Mail Companion is also not meant to compete with other addons. It follows the KISS principle and nothing more. It processes each mail one after the other, takes out the attachments and/or deletes it. This is achieved without touching the user interface and without dependencies, which is why it should not cause any problems in the future. However, if you need more functionality, there are certainly more complex alternatives.
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Unread 10/16/19, 11:55 PM  
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what can it better or more than "Postmaster Mail" ?
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