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Dragonhold (5.2.5)
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Unknown Insight
Version: 0.0.2
by: zelenin [More]
- inspired by kadeer's Unknown Tracker but written from scratch
- tracks knowledge of in-game items like motives, style pages, recipes (food/drink and furnishing) and collectible runeboxes
- adds icon to inventory and extended info to tooltip
- allows you to select tracked characters
- has a catalog of all items with search and filters by type, character and knowledge (slash commands: /ui, /unknown-insight)

- requires LibItemsFetcher
- addon will rescan the item database at the first start and after every new patch
- have to login on every character to scan knowledge database

Default colors:
- unknown to current character
- unknown to other characters
- known to all characters
- account wide items fix

- initial release
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12/23/19 04:46 PM

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thanks for feedback. I fixed description.
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Exclamation -> Unknown <- Insight

FYI: the options displayed by the Unknown Insight configuration panel are not consistent with the description of the respective flags written on the ESOUI Addon Info tab for this add-on. Items which are unknown to the current character are flagged in red. Items which are known only to other characters are flagged in yellow. Items which are "known" to all characters -?- are flagged in grey.

What I would like to see are flags in the following order of precedence:
  • A flag for items which are not known by any of my characters.
  • A flag for items which are known by one or more of my other characters, but not known by the current character.
Given these two flags, obviously it is neither necessary nor useful to flag an item which is not known by the current character. If it is not known by the current character, then the item will either not be known by any of my characters, or it will be known by one or more of my other characters. (Showing which other characters know the item can be useful, whether it is necessary.) Those are the two criteria which I need to decide whether to obtain the item for the current character.

The alternative is to (1) flag items which are already known by one or more other characters, and (2) flag items which only the current character already knows. In that context, an item which is not known to any character will not have a flag.
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