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Patch for:
Circonians TextureIt.
Dragonhold (5.2.5)
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Circonians TextureIt (R0029)
Version: 0.9.20200107
by: IceHeart [More]
Updated to v09.20200107 for R/100029
Updates on the way the list/tree is created.
Minor updates for QoL
Internal modifications: Additional documentation etc.

See more at Comments/ChangeLog, or inside the Addon , under /doc/DevNotes.txt
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Thank you very much IceHeart, this version got some really good improvements!

There was an error upon loading (oversight of my mentioned bugs), and I've changed the German translations:

TextureIt IceHeart - v0.9.20200108 fixed Baertram
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Circonians TextureIt - v0.9.20200107 - Release Notes

v.09.20200107 -- IceHeart0108
For this version...

*** Major Changes - User
* Updated Textures to 10029

* Simplified upload, Dynamic creation of Textures Table Structure:
- Textures table does not need to have the structure anymore; The structure is created dynamically now, based on the simple paths for each texture.
-- Note that, attempting to remove the simple indexes ([1] = "foo.dds", into just "foo.dds" ) resulted in ESO crashing, unknown reason.
So I am (temporarily ?) keeping the indexes, since they are simple enough to add in a spreadsheet, without having to create the full structure, which was the main intent.
-- The original TEXTUREIT_TEXTURES table has been renamed and placed under the global namespace, at TextureIt.LoadPaths

* Addition of 'subpaths', on underscore '_' to support paths with large number of textures
- Some sections with large number of textures (eg.: 10028:/esoui/art/icons has 20,445) would crash, because the tree control cant handle such large lists.
- Tried to do this either alphabetically, or by 'pages' by X number of items, but it was unsatisfactory and still had crashes.
- Introduced splitting the path on underscores '_', which already exist in the path, and are a natural way of organizing based on the way ZOS (mostly) names the textures anyway
- Introduced a 2ndary, lowercase navigation header, with a +/- instead of a twirly arrow, for these types
- Note that the tree control can *still* crash if too many branches are open totaling more than (apx.) 2000 items, but this approach should minimize that

*To EXTRACT The textures List:
- Use ESOExtract data from: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...tractData.html
- Extract the two ZOSFT mnf files, "game" and "depot" :
.\EsoExtractData "<game install path>\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client\game.mnf" -z F:\ESOEX\zosft_clientgame.txt
.\EsoExtractData "<game install path>\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\depot\eso.mnf" -z F:\ESOEX\zosft_depoteso.txt
- Merge the two files into a single text-based CSV file
- Use an spreadsheet (Excel, Open Office) to masage the file, remove columns, remove non-dds files and generally, create the final format
[rownumber] = "path",

*** Minor changes - User/QoL
- Added checkbox for Actual size to see really what mode you are on
- Added a 3rd label to show 'original' texture size, vs current size, vs viewport size
- Added a 3rd backdrop 'mode' so the viewport backdrop goes base black, white, transparent/hidden, etc to help with contrasts
- Added Show tips & checkbox to toggle Tooltips
- Minor repositioning, fonts etc of some controls

*** Major changes - Developer / Internal
- Documented all (most?) functions
- Added notes/documented UI elements/controls
- Renamed/standardized names of all UI elements (perhaps unneeded, yes, it simply helped 'me' to understand things)
- Renamed/standardized names of all UI functions, corresponding to UI elements (see above :P)
- Reorganized functions under global TextureIt or TextureIt.UI or object so no loose global functions

*** Minor changes - Internal
- Moved disclaimer.dds from folder 'Textures' to 'assets'

*** Known Issues
* The Tree scroll list is still misbehaving:
- When opening a relatively large list, it will reposition the 'current' node to something else, usually far below
- The logic to recalculate the size of the scroll list is a little convoluted and requires more research. Will try to do that on a future release
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