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Version: 24
by: decay2 [More]

Please note that the library is not complete yet, so some of the API could still change.

This library is providing the data collection for Combat Metrics.
However I tried to make it in such a way it can be used for other addons which may only need parts of the data.
Additionally it can provide human readable combat log lines, which are arranged so they should be translatable.
I tried to optimize the code to impact the performance as little as possible.

For useage instructions and feedback please have a look at the github repository: https://github.com/Solinur/LibCombat

Decay2 aka Solinur (Pact EU)
  • initial release as standalone library
  • fixed formatting issue in log for stats
  • fixed issue with crit damage values when buff is only refreshed but not applied completely new
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