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Harrowstorm (5.3.0)
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Black Book Browser
Version: 3.0.0
by: sirinsidiator [More]
A windows program to browse and extract files from the ESO game data archives (only works for the new format introduced in Update 5.3). May or may not contain bugs. Use this program at your own risk.

Simply start bbb.exe, click "AddFolder" on the left side and select the game install directory (containing the depot, game and vo_* folders).
The arrow keys can be used to quickly navigate the file tree.

Short History:
v1 - An unreleased node.js program called "esoextract" written between the last beta and early access in 2014.
v2 - Still unreleased, but switched to nwjs in 2017 for better ease of use.
v3 - Rewrote it in TypeScript and implemented a proper UI. First public release under the name "Black Book Browser" in 2020.
v3.0.0 - initial release
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