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Simple Text Box
Version: 1.0
by: ShadowMau [More]
SimpleBox is an adaptation of the Writing Your First Addon tutorial found on the ESOUI Addon Wiki. The original would display "Fighting!" on the screen whenever you are in combat, and then hide the text when you got out of combat. In SimpleBox, this has been expanded so that users can use /sbtoggle so that a message would continually be displayed. If the user is in combat, red "Fighting!" will be displayed. If the user is out of combat, then green "Safe!" will be displayed. Using /sbtoggle again will make it so the text is only displayed during combat (as originally designed).

This is mostly an example to learn from, and for my own reference and experience.

Gives an example of:

* Using saved variables to save the text box location
* Using slash commands
* Displaying and hiding a text box
* Moving the position of a text box and saving the new location
* Changing the content of a text box
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