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AutoEmote - Fixed- Update 7 + FR
Version: 1.1
by: Klayvan [More]
This addon was fixed by awesomebilly and was originally in this link:

J'ai modifié l'addon pour rajouter une partie française et rajouter différents emotes pour mon goût personnel.
Je le partage pour que d'autres joueurs puissent en profiter et s'amuser dessus.

Original Author:
Tajin -- he's requested to not be contacted on ESO.

Few people in the community requested to have this addon revived.

Copy Paste from old addon

AutoEmote lets you chat with more style.

Originally this addon was made to cope with the lack of chatbubbles by making talking players a bit more noticable (with emotes).

It has evolved from there and now features a wide variety of emotes that get triggered automatically when you chat and depending on what you say.

So no matter if you just want something that makes it easier for others to spot you when you're talking or if you want a nice tool to help your roleplaying, this might be just the addon for you.

/autoemote - toggles the addon on/off

Default setup (per channel):
/say - Reacts to a wide range of generic keywords or checks for ! / ? at the end of the line if it couldn't find other keywords
/party - Uses the same filter as /say but only triggers when partymembers are nearby (needs testing)
/yell - Makes your character play the /shout emote
/emote - Uses a different filter that is tailored to toggle for different /emote keywords
For your own safety, AutoEmote will not trigger while you're in combat.
By default, AutoEmote is set to react to English and German keywords.

Here's an example :
/emote whistles happily
[Tajin] whistles happily
This will automatically trigger the /whistle emote.

Custom configuration:
If for any reason you aren't happy with my predefined filters, you can adjust them to your own needs. (though I'm always open for suggestions that I can include in the next update)
The filters are fully configurable.

To do so, open the "AutoEmoteFilter.lua" in a texteditor and make your changes. The basic layout is explained at the beginning of the file, but it should be fairly clear.
(if it isn't clear enough, then you probably shouldn't mess with it anyway)

Thanks for reading,
enjoy the addon.
1.1 adds more emotes
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