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Collectible Toggler
Version: 1.0
by: MrPikPik [More]
Allows binding specific collectibles for easy toggle or use to a few chat commands.

Available commands:
  • /pet - Toggles the specified pet.
  • /dress or /custume - Toggles the specified costume/dress.
  • /mount - Toggles the specified mount (Only the mount itself, this won't mount you ready to ride).
  • /hat - Toggles the specified hat.
  • /skin - Toggles the specified skin.
  • /personality - Toggles the specified personality.
  • /polymorph - Toggles the specified polymorph.
  • /collectible1, /collectible2, /collectible3, /collectible4 and /collectible5 - Use these to assign custom collectibles like mementos, hairstyles, bodypaints etc.
  • /banker - Spawns or despawns the specified banker.
  • /merchant - Spawns or despawns the specified merchant.
  • /smuggler - Spawns or despawns the smuggler (if unlocked).

To set a collectible use the command you want to bind with the option "set" and link the collectible from your collection, e.g. "/pet set [collectibleLink]". If you don't set a command it just won't work. There is also nothing preventing you from setting any collectible to any command, if you for example don't need to use the /polymorph command, you can bind another costume to it!

By default, the /banker and /merchant command use Tythis Andromo and Nuzimeh. If you wish or have to use the cat equivalents Ezabi and Fezez (= you don't own the human ones), use the command with the option "toggle" to toggle between the two ("/banker toggle" and "/merchant toggle")
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