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The Compendium (Demo)  Updated this week!
Version: 0.20
by: Alianym [More]
Welcome to The Compendium!


Do you like Custom Quests? 'Cause I do! If you do too, then I have to disappoint you because this is only a demo of approximately one quest. But hey! Give it a whirl and get a taste of some custom user-created content built from the ground-up. See the screenshots for the features, but play for the experience!

Tell Me More...
This is mostly a demo/prototype I built in my spare time over time as I found inspiration and motivation. It will eventually demonstrate a bunch of features I aimed to create into a full-fledged Custom Quests Creator, but alas I haven't found the time to completely finish the three-quest arc I wanted to do, so here it is for those that are interested. Perhaps it will inspire someone – and if you want to find out more about any of this, send a DM, (I'd rather you not use the comments for 1:1 conversations as I imagine it could become very messy otherwise).

You can set up Keybinds in the appropriate menu, and there are some settings in the AddOn settings sub-menu. This is explicitly in BETA, so yes. I know some options may be missing. I might add things like slash commands to open/close the tab at a later date.

I've had a number of inspirations over the years that have brought me back to this project, so I figured I'd list them here:
  • When several library authors put an April Fools joke letter into several commonly used Libs.
  • Harven's Quest Journal – A different way of viewing quests in the game, more like the Journals of old
  • Journal Quest Log – This one gave me the idea that perhaps I could recycle the game's own Journal tabs, and maybe even expand out my own Quest Log to a custom Library as well. Also coincidentally a source of inspiration for my first published AddOn; The Questing Guide.
  • LibCustomDialog – This one is a recent addition, but a good potential in the realm of Custom Quests.

Required Libraries:
  • Overhaul of the code and inner workings. Now uses LibCustomDialog for NPC chatter instead of a Dialogue Wheel
  • Currently only the first quest has been overhauled, and the second quest has been disabled for now
  • Due to the overhaul all settings have been reset to default values, and you may need to unbind/re-bind your Keybinds

  • Initial Release
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You the MVP

Happy to see this Addon in the Works !
Currently trying it
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Fixes In Progress

Hey everyone,

Had a couple questions/comments about this and so I figured it’s worth mentioning I’m currently actively working on bringing this back up and running (with some improvements too). Stay tuned!
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Give more!

I'm excited to see this and it's potencial.
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