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MetaCheck  New this week!
Version: 1.0.1
by: Ulrich [More]
MetaCheck. This addon uses code from Garkins CritPercent addon released under MIT license.


Shows on tooltips of viable sets what they are used for.

Included gear sets were selected by examining what is currently used in endgame builds. They are not calculated, things like traits and armor type (light, middle, heavy) are not taken into account. It should not replace gear descriptions or discourage to use other sets. I made it mainly to know what sets to save for roles i don't play a lot and extended it to all.

It shows a role icon and a domain icon if needed. If a set is useful for multiple roles, they are displayed on top of each other.

Role Icon description:

Domain Icon description:

No domain symbol means that it is good for both or that there is no information.

Other Icons:

Viable Set, but probably useless weapon (like a healing staff from a stamina set). For hybrid set weapons, the role displayed depends on the weapon type. This is automated, always check twice.

Not on the list = not popular in endgame builds or not yet included

Not included and not max CP

An example is shown in the preview image.

A little project to get into addons, any feedback is appreciated
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