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Reveries: Emotes and Mementos
Version: 0.1
by: StorybookTerror [More]
Reveries: Emotes and Mementos lets a group of people simultaneously activate emotes and mementos, for synchronized dancing, flash mobs, or other silly shenanigans.

How it works:

Reveries will listen to specific chat channels for messages such as "RV danceargonian", "RV applebob", or "RV Psijic Scrying Talisman". Anyone running the add-on who hears the message will then activate the /danceargonian emote, or Apple Bobbing Cauldron, or Psijic Scrying Talisman mementos. Emotes use the slash command name, while the add-on provides similar short names for mementos, or also accepts the long name.

The add-on has slash command (/rv on and /rv off) for quickly toggling all functionality. That way, you can join in when you want, and ignore it when your friends are using the functionality but you're doing something else.

You can configure which chat channels to listen to via the "Settings > Add-ons > Reveries" panel. (It listens to "Group" by default, but more can be enabled.) You can also disable certain emotes and mementos, in case someone in your group thinks it's funny to have everyone do /sick and you'd rather not be a part of that.

(If you've heard of SyncMotes, this is essentially the same functionality, but rewritten from scratch, and with extra support for activating mementos.)
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