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Deadlands (7.2.5)
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Reveries: Emotes and Mementos
Version: 0.8
by: StorybookTerror [More]
Reveries: Emotes and Mementos provides several nice features for working with mementos and emotes:
  1. A /scry command for activating the Antiquarian's Eye in an antiquity dig site
  2. A /meme command for activating mementos without needing to quickslot them
  3. An /rv command which lets a group of people simultaneously activate emotes and mementos, for synchronized dacing, flash mobs, or other silly shenanigans.
  4. An on-screen cooldown bar for mementos, which is particularly useful when using the Antiquarian's Eye without quickslotting it
  5. Tab-completion on all slash commands (with optional LibSlashCommander dependency)
  6. Short names for common mementos, such as "/meme beam" for Finvir's Trinket

How synchronized actions work:

Reveries can (optionally) listen to specific chat channels for messages such as "RV danceargonian", "RV applebob", or "RV Psijic Scrying Talisman". Anyone running the add-on who hears the message will then activate the /danceargonian emote, or Apple Bobbing Cauldron, or Psijic Scrying Talisman mementos. Emotes use the slash command name, while the add-on provides similar short names for mementos, or also accepts the long name. With LibSlashCommander, /rv offers tab completion for the memento names.

Using /rv on and /rv off) will quickly toggle the "listen to chat" functionality. That way, you can join in on the group fun when you want, and ignore it when your friends are using the functionality but you're doing something else.

You can configure which chat channels to listen to via the "Settings > Add-ons > Reveries" panel. (It listens to "Group" by default, but more can be enabled.) You can also disable certain emotes and mementos, in case someone in your group thinks it's funny to have everyone do /sick and you'd rather not be a part of that.
Reveries 0.8:
- Fixed /scry to not show a 2-second cooldown bar when used outside an active antiquity dig site
- Fixed the cooldown bar to not refresh to full duration if you try and use a memento early
- Changed Prismatic Banner Ribbon shortname to "rainbow". Easier to remember and fewer tab-completion conflicts with the Meridian Possession Prism.
- Added more short names for newer mementos.

Reveries 0.7:
- Add the all important "cake2021" short-name. Happy anniversary ESO! Also "cake2022" for future-proofing :)
- Fix the /meme command with LibSlashCommander installed to stop throwing Lua errors
- Fix the cooldown bar to only show for mementos/tools and not other collectibles like pets, mounts, assistants, and so on.

Reveries 0.6:

- Add a new memento cooldown bar (defaulting to above the compass on the left, but you can drag it to a custom location). This is particularly useful when using /scry for the Antiquarian's Eye, as it has a 30 second cooldown which otherwise wouldn't be visible without opening the collections menu or quick-slotting the tool. This feature can be disabled, or limited to only the Antiquarian's Eye, in the settings.

Reveries 0.5:

- Rename /memento to /meme, for the memes (and less typing)
- Fix an error popup when a memento name isn't recognized (regression in 0.4)
- Try to make the /scry command work reliably even if short memento aliases are having issues
- Bump API version to support Flames of Ambition

Reveries 0.4:

- Add a /memento command to quickly perform a memento without needing to quick-slot it first or navigate menus.
- Add a /scry command to quickly activate the Antiquarian's Eye tool without needing to go through menus.
- Auto-ignore rv chat commands in solo content areas (Vateshran Hollows, Maelstrom Arena, heists, and sacraments)
- Add an option to restrict rv chat commands in dungeons. You can set it to ignore everyone, allow only your group, or operate normally.
- Make chat channel settings per server (NA vs. EU) rather than global

Reveries 0.3:

Fix bug introduced in 0.2 for short memento names like "rv beam".

Reveries 0.2:

Introduce optional LibSlashCommander support. This adds tab completion support! Simply type /rv Finv<TAB> to auto complete.

Reveries 0.1:

Initial release :)
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Awesome job!

Excellent gem I had never heard about until I bumped into you in-game in Alinor.

Nice work with the options, looks very user friendly. Addon author love!
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