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New Crown
Version: 1.0.2
by: Rednas [More]
An add-on that started off simple, but got a little bit out of hand. With this add-on you can add a bigger crown to the Trial/Group leader and it even lets you adjust the size, icon and some other settings.

I've found this featire helpful for Trials where you sometimes need to stack on the group leader or position yourself relative to another player. In PvP it's useful for following the crown in any group, not just for ballgroups. It makes it easier to see where you need to go (are you going to lumber or keep?). Having a big icon above the leader, makes this a whole lot easier. That's also the reason why I made this add-on for my trial group, when I noticed some people used a script in the chat to add, enlarge or change the icon above the leader.
As I wrote before, I made this add-on for my guild. This is also why there can be some references to it in the add-on, although it doesn't limit anything!

  • Add an icon above the leader's character
  • Account bound settings (and supports different settings on multiple servers)
  • Settings for the size and style of the icon
  • Settings for when the icon needs to be shown
    - Show in AvA content, Trials, Dungeons or Overland (or a combination)
    - Show only when in Combat or out of combat, or just ahow it always or never
  • A large set of icons to choose from (Thanks to @MissCoko, who made most of them)
  • /newcrown to open the settings
  • Extra: Special "thank you" feature*

*: The special thank you Feature is also a part that comes from the first versions, when it was used by our guild only. This displays a unique icon above the leader, when it's someone who helped me with the add-on (mostly pre-release) and/or getting started with the game. This feature is my way of a thank you, thats why I didn't remove it. If you always want to see the icon you choose, you can always disable this in the settings, without any drawbacks!

Why I released it here
When i made the add-on it got shared with a few people outside of our trial group. They asked me if they could use it and if I could share the newer versions aswell. Because of this I made it avaliable on ESOUI.

This add-on is made as a hobby project in my free time. I'm not a professional developer. I can't promise (regular) updates, (quick) bug fixes, that the add-on is bug free or 100% optimized. I however did my best to make it as useful as possible. This is also why I included the "AS IS" notice in the folder. I hope however that this add-on will be useful to someone.
Version 1.0.2 - 19-10-2021
1) API bumb
2) Added some personalized icons, can you find them all?

Version 1.0.1 - 09-06-2021
1) Small additions, changes and fixes in a few icons.

Version 1.0 - 05-06-2021
1) Restructured the code, making it more readable
2) Rewrote the special feature ||, so its easy to add new Person Specific icons||
3) Added a few new settings
- You can now turn the add-on off, only display the NewCrown in Combat, idle or both (=Always)
- You can enable/disable NewCrown in AvA area's (Cyrodiil & Imperial City)
- You can enable/disable NewCrown in Dungeons (Delves, group dungeons)
- You can enable/disable NewCrown in trials
- You can enable/disable NewCrown in overland
4) Cleaned the settings menu
5) Added information to the add-on in the add-on List
6) Bug fixed when the crown was on another side of the door
7) Performance optimalisation (Unregister and register events based on the settings)
8) Added/updated a few icons
9) Added Multi server support
10) Added a slash command to open the settings (/newcrown)
11) Updated API version


Version 0.1.3h - 16-05-2021
1) Fixed the known issue where it didn't work with Lost treasure or some other add-on's/library's.


Version 0.1.3 - 14-05-2021
1) Added a setting to disable the special feature, so for instance it could be used when streaming
My advise: Dont turn it off! It's worth it.
2) Made it easier to add new icons in the future
3) Removed icons and added new icons
- Removed the Alliance war Icons
- Added a new icon
- Added a lot of new icons | Made by @MissCoko 🍪 (thanks!)
4) Improved the code, so it should impact performance even less (it wasn't a issue to begin with, but still: less is always more!)

Known issues:
- For a some users the add-on doesn't show up in the settings menu. (Lost treasures for some reason is the issue, thanks @MissCoko 🍪 for finding the culprit)
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