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Blackwood (7.0.5)
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Request Deathmatch  New this week!
Version: 1.0.0
by: M0R [More]
When ZOS brought back group queues, they depreciated queuing for specific battleground rulesets, as such, a large portion of the BG community treats premade 4v4v4s as Group Deathmatches.
This addon adds 2 commands, /requestdm and /gg.

/requestdm sends a message to a member of all 3 teams, requesting the match to be treated as a deathmatch (The exact message will be customizable at a later date). Since we are not allowed to directly send messages with addons, this command will prefill the chatbox with the message, so you only have to press Enter to send the message.

/gg whispers "GG!" to everyone in the BG, to help promote good sportsmanship. (As of now if you just spam enter after /gg, then you will be kicked for spam, I plan to fix this in the next update).
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