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Flames of Ambition (6.3.5)
Markarth (6.2.5)
Stonethorn (6.1.5)
Greymoor (6.0.5)
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tim99 Toolbar  Updated this week!
Version: 5
by: tim99 [More]
My first addon, started mainly for testing and trying out. At first I didn't want to upload it, but a couple of friends wanted to use it too, so here we are. It started out as a combination of "wykyyds Toolbar", "Info Panel" and "The Elder Bar". I always used at least 2 of them, and ended up using all 3 because each of them had at least one unique feature that I wouldn't want to miss. Since 2 of them were no longer updated, it gave me the final kick to tinker with it myself.

No additional libs needed

Icons / Symbols:
  • 01. Tamriel Time (icon: sun or moon, depending on ingame time)
  • 02. Charactername (icon: character class)
  • 03. Level/CP (icon: level/cp, glowing when enlighted)
  • 04. XP / Xp needed for next level (icon: basic avatar, colored depending on your status (green=online, gray=offline, yellow=afk, red=busy)
  • 05. Number items on char current / max (icon: sack, colored red when full)
  • 06. Number items in bank current / max Slots (icon: chest, colored red when full)
  • 07. Gold on char (icon: coin)
  • 08. AP on char (icon: chars alliance rank-symbol, colored in alliance-color)
  • 09. Telvar on char (icon: telvar)
  • 10. Writ voucher on char (icon: voucher)
  • 11. Event-Tickets on char (icon: ticket, number turns red when 10 or more)
  • 12. Transmute stones current / max (500 or 1000, depending on eso+)
  • 13. Undaunted-Keys (icon: key)
  • 14. Endeveas current (Daily) [Weekly] (icon: endevea, dailys/weekly numbers are green if done, red when not done))
  • 15. Lockpicks on char (icon: lockpick, number turns lightred when out of stock)
  • 16. Soulgems on char (icon: soulgems, number turns lightred when out of stock)
  • 17. Repairkits on char (icon: repairkits, number turns lightred when out of stock)
  • 18. Chuttering skulls (monstertrophy) on char (icon: skull)
  • 19. Repair costs of broken gear (icon: broken shield, fades out when 0)

Features / Tasks:
  • 20. Crafting dailys (icon: crafting)
    • colored red when open/todo,
    • gray when done
      ★★★ when mouseover, a tooltip shows the state for all your chars
  • 21. Shadowy supplier (icon: dark brotherhood)
    • colored red when open/todo,
    • gray when done
    • darkgray when not unlocked
      ★★★ when mouseover, a tooltip shows the state for all your chars
      ➜ notice: auto opens the container, destroys "monk's disguise" automatically
  • 22. Mount feed (icon: stable)
    • colored red when open/todo,
    • green when done,
    • gray when maxed
      ★★★ when mouseover, a tooltip shows the state for all your chars
  • 23. DragonGuard-chest (icon: dg)
    • red when chest is up
    • yellow when chest is up but motif is still on cooldown
    • darkgray if dragonhold dlc missing
  • 24. Stolen things (icon: stealing)
    • invisible if you have none,
    • shows daily limit if you touched daily limit already

Settings (via Slash-command ingame):
  • /tbar seconds (update time, defeault is refreshing every 5 sec):
    /tbar 5

  • /toff (stop/pause refreshing the toolbar)

  • /ton (continue refreshing the toolbar with the set up value)

Settings (via changes in the SavedVariables (based on lazyness):
  • tracking daily crafting writs can be switch off for a char by changing: ["trackWrit"]=true to:

  • tracking dark-br.hood supplier can be switch off for a char by changing: ["trackStiller"]=true to:

  • the sort order for characters in the tooltips can be rearranged by changing: ["sort"]=19 to:
    . . . --> ["sort"]=1 for first place in the list, ["sort"]=2 for second place, a.s.o. - 19 is default so you can setup all 18 chars without changing existing values

  • auto-deleting monk's disguise can be switch off for a char by changing: ["destroyMonk"]=true to:

✅ Since I like AD and always felt like it was a "special" faction, it also got a funny "special" custom icon. ^^ ^^ It's just meant to be a little joke, not too serious

⚠️ Disclaimer: ⚠️
When i started. i didn't had in mind to create a super-userfriendly addon which everybody in the world will love, but rather create a toolbar adjusted to my personal references and needs.
Now thats it's finished, it's kinda meh to go back to an "old" project and change big parts of it when you know, the outcome will be exactly the same for you (me in this case).

So lets face the truth: it's a toolbar which comes as "take it or leave it". It works kinda well, i have it everyday in use, on each of my chars/accounts. But most likely it will not get much changes to fit everybodys taste.
  • If you like it as it is: sweet
  • If you dont like and wanna mess with it yourself: feel free to do anything. it's open source.
  • If you dont like it but also dont want/can change something to your personal needs: Please check out all the other toolbars. This is obviously not the one you are looking for.
Version 2:
-fixes for compass bump down
-fixes for writs with english client
-tooltips for writs and dark brotherhood supplier
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