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Deadlands (7.2.5)
Waking Flame (7.1.5)
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StoreHelper - maintain stocks of basic craft style mats
Version: 0.2
by: Rexorn [More]
When you open a merchant store Store Helper is will check your inventory (bag, bank, and craftbag) and buy basic style materials to meet your set goal.

You can select a different stock level for each of the basic mats.

There is also an option to have an overall quantity across all types of basic style mats. This is checked after specific mats are purchased and will buy the type that matches the race of the purchasing character to make sure they can be used by that character. Basically a "I don't care what mats I have as long as I have # of them" box.

Setting this to 9 would NOT buy 9 of all types! It would notice if you had only 2 bone and 1 flint and try to buy 6 more mats to bring the total to 9.

The Imperial style is expensive to learn. Buying nickel for you imperial could leave you with a style mat your other toons could not use. To prevent this there is an option for Imperials to override the all types filler mat purchased.

A purchase message is sent to chat by default but can be disabled in the options panel.

Settings are account wide by default but some/all toons can use character specific settings.

StoreHelper will look to see if Personal Assistant Junk/Repair are in use and will delay 0.2 seconds on store open to allow them to finish before it starts to process.

StoreHelper is set to spend gold only and will ignore stores that accept telver/ap/event currency. It will run at the Imperial City Sewers Style Master as that store is gold only.

Requires: LibAddonMenu-2.0

Thank you to TeilzeitLegende & Jakki for the mat buy inspiration.
0.2 add 101032 to API version for Update32-Deadlands
removed erroneous comma from inventory file ## OptionalDependsOn:

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