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Waking Flame (7.1.5)
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Hidden Rolls
Version: 1.00
by: Akardra [More]
This addon adds dice rolling functionality via. the chat and allows rolled results to be shared with group members (similar to the Roll Call addon), with two notable differences.
(1) This addon implements a "hidden roll" chat command where only the player can initially see the roll and then can at any point later use a different command to show group members the resulting roll.
(2) This addon allows for rolling multiple dice at once.

Note that other group members also need to have the addon for dice roll results to appear in their chat.

The addon adds the following:
  • Implements /proll (private roll) which only displays results to the player (as a system message). This command can roll up 50 dice of any max-size value between 1 and 10.000.
  • Implements /vroll (visible roll) which displays the result to the player and then shares the result with everyone in your group (as a systems message, with your character's name included). This command can roll up to 10 dice of values up to 100.
  • Implements /hroll (hidden roll) which displays the result to the player and saves the result. This command can roll up to 10 dice of values up to 100.
  • Implements /showroll which shares the saved /hroll result with everyone in your group.

Roll commands can be formatted in the following ways:
  • "/proll Y" rolls 1 dice with max-value Y
  • "/proll dY" rolls 1 dice with max-value Y
  • "/proll XdY" rolls X dice with max-value Y

  • The saved result of /hroll is NOT overwritten if you use the command again, UNTIL you use the /showroll command. This is to prevent cheating for people who might use the addon for things like playing dice-poker in-game.
  • The commands are disabled in combat, to avoid potential conflict with other addons.
  • This addon uses the "Group Socket" addon library, which may conflict with other addons that share data between group members.
  • There is a delay between being able to use the chat commands that share data, due to how the addon shares data (map pings with data encoded into coordinates) and to give time for pings to be noticed. This delay should be no more than 2-3 seconds however.

Required Libraries:
  • LibChatMessage
  • LibGroupSocket

Thanks to Phinix ("Roll Call" addon maker) and Tactitocalon ("Group Typing Indicator" addon maker). I've never talked to either, but looking at their addons were extremely helpful for a first-time addon maker like myself to help smoothing things along and help understand how to use the GroupSocket library to share data with group via. map pings.


Why did I make this?
Because I stubbornly wanted a way to do hidden dice rolls for roleplaying purposes. Whether as a way for a DM to hide a roll and show it later when relevant or for if characters want to play some simple games like dice-poker, liar's dice, or similar.

Some example rules, should that interest you:
- Dice Poker: Big- and Small blinds are paid in advance. Each participant then rolls 2 dice and 3 dice are rolled for all to see. Over 2 more rounds, players call, raise or drop out while a die is added to the original 3 to make five. All remaining players revealed their dice and the best 'hand' made from their dice with the pool dice wins.

Improvements I'm considering adding in the future:
  • Modifiers (ex. 1d20 + 5).
  • A way to have multiple hidden rolls saved at once, rather than just one.
  • Fixing bugs.. This addon is untested for larger groups and I highly suspect there are bugs and issues I've overlooked in my testing.
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