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Deadlands (7.2.5)
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AutoBind  Updated less than 3 days ago!
Version: 2.0.0
by: ShinyBones [More]
This is a simple addon that should help to bind items more easily which have not yet been unlocked in your collection.

How to use:
When the addon is initialised for the first time, it does nothing without further interaction.

You can use the slash command "/autobind" to open a window that lists all unknown items. For each set, an item with the lowest quality is automatically marked for binding. If you move the mouse pointer over an item, a tooltip is displayed. By clicking on an item you can change the selection or deselect it.

With the slash command "/autobind bind" you can quickly bind all items in your inventory that you have not yet unlocked in the collection. Only one item with the lowest quality is bound per type and set.

If you want items to be automatically bound, see the settings by typing "/autobindsettings" in the chat. LibAddonMenu is not required, but recommended.

Attention - Items that have been locked by the player are ignored in both the listing and binding process.
Version 2.0.0:
- Added a preview window that lists all unknown items from your inventory and marks them for binding. Items can be selected or deselected here. This replaces the "/autobind show" command.
- Changed: The slash command "/autobind" without arguments now opens the new window.
- The command "/autobind show" has been removed.

Version 1.0.0:
- New setting "Max Quality": Limits binding and listing to the selected quality. All items with higher quality are ignored.
- Link added in the settings menu to the AutoBind website on ESOUI.
- API Version 101032
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Unread 11/29/21, 11:35 AM  
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Don't feed the trolls ;-) Hint: It's legit to simply delete comments that make no sense.

Though I can understand achachala's intention I totally agree with you ShinyBones that the comment makes not much sense:
1st it's not selfish but just a helper, like most addons are.
2nd you won't farm forever as the set drops changed to the missing ones and you will get missing ones pretty easily now, if you want to farm all AND you pay attention to the correct drop locations (some item types do not drop at dolmens e.g., and so on).
3rd You already named the missing automatisms and even if it would auto bind on pickup it would be items I'm missing myselff.
So I was in need and it's totally okay to bind them for myself before I think about sharing misisng items to others. If you think it's selfish I'd answer it is selfish that you expect me to provide me the missing item first

Conclusion: You definately should read the addon description slower and with more attention, and it's always a nice idea to appologize if one was wrong @achachala. Thank you

btw: My items bind themselves too if I sell them, at least some do. I have never checked which ones are, and which aren't.
Maybe only junk marked ones are.
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Unread 11/26/21, 09:32 AM  
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Re: Please don't use this

1. you should read the description. This addon does not bind automatically unless you set it in the settings.
2. what does this have to do with selfishness? Why don't you distribute your items to other people before you bind them?
3. in my game, items do not bind themselves when I sell them.
4. if you mark each item as junk individually, it's very much a bigger hassle.

Sorry, but your comment makes absolutely no sense.
So I recommend you to deal better with the addons you want to install. Thank you.
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Unread 11/22/21, 12:52 AM  

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Please don't use this

It's not inherently a bad addon but it's INCREDIBLY selfish! I hate running through dungeons and farming for specific sets, only for my teammate to get an item I need only for them to autobind it. It's selfish and frustrating for other people when you bind items you don't need, wastes time for people grinding. It also just doesn't save you any time, if you want to bind a bunch of items from a dungeon without sorting them, simply mark them all as junk and sell them- it binds them all to you!
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