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Tamriel Trade Centre Companion  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.07
by: Sharlikran [More]
This mod provides TTC users with several features from Master Merchant not available to TTC users.


This mod will work only with TTC loaded. If you load Master Merchant (and if I did it properly) then this mod will not load. Do not use this mod with Master Merchant.

This mod is compatible with Awesome Guild Store. AGS keeps track of your last sale price within its own data files. While AGS is active TTCC will not be able to override the last price stored in AGS.


- Adds unit price calculator to the vanilla UI
- Adds tooltip for overpriced vendor items
- Adds tooltip for a few items removed from use
- Adds tooltip for Winter Festival Writs (You will need WritWorthy for everything else) (BETA)
- Marks Master Writs in the Guild Store view (Not the inventory) with a Yellow ? if you know the Motif but do not have the mats (WritWorthy required)
- Marks Master Writs in the Guild Store view (Not the inventory) with a Green Checkmark if you know the Motif and you have the mats (WritWorthy required)
- Adds a Deal Calculator and Custom Deal Calculator based off TTC Average or Suggested prices
- Sort by Deal Percentage (AGS Only)
- Modify the TTC Sugested price by 25 percent (Because they display that value in their tooltip i.e. 10 ~ 12.5)
- Alter inventory prices and show Unit Price


Tamriel Trade Centre

Known Issues

Because I am using the MM code for this the inventory replace has the same issue as MM. Once you replace the values you have to scroll the whole list before you can sort by value. I am working on making a way to prevent having to do that for TTCC and MM.

I can not control when TTC does not have any Average or Suggested price and it ends up being 0. When that happens things will all say 0, or 0.00% or whatever. I will work on that at a later time but for now there isn't much I can do about that. I may have TTCC use its own settings to obtain your preferred price, and when either the average or suggested is zero, try the other value.

Because I store the last price you listed an item for I could even get any non zero value form TTC and fallback to your listed price if any. I may also hard code in basic values in addition to the vendor values for items as a fallback.
- Version 1.07

- Added inventory pricing to Decon assistants

- Version 1.06

- Added old AGS Deal Range Buttons

- Version 1.04, 1.05

- Fix error in deal filter for guild store after refactoring inventory pricing

- Version 1.03

- Updated replace inventory values with current MM routine

- Version 1.02

- Added replace inventory price with option to show the unit price
- Added Writ Markers to the sell tab for the Guild Store

- Version 1.01

- Added website to LibAddonMenu

- Version 1.00

- Initial version
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Unread 01/27/23, 09:16 PM  
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This has nothing to do with the TTC mod itself or the website. Your posting in the wrong place as I have nothing to do with that project.
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Unread 01/27/23, 06:22 AM  

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CAPTCHA test a problem

The CAPTCHA test is back and totally obnoxious. My browser is set for no cookies for good security and privacy purposes -- Obviously, if they don't drop the repeated CAPTCHA test the site becomes unusable, defeating the entire purpose of the test in the first place (seeing the advertisements.) A catch-22 issue. I have a list of about 50 items that I check every morning - doing 50 captcha tests just isn't workable.
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Unread 12/11/22, 07:49 PM  
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Thank you for the report and see if that fixes it. If not please let me know the city and the trader name or the guild name so that I can go to that location and test it myself.
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Unread 12/11/22, 06:09 PM  
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Lua Code:
  1. user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentreCompanion/AGS_Integration/DealFilter.lua:269: operator < is not supported for number < nil
  2. stack traceback:
  3. user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentreCompanion/AGS_Integration/DealFilter.lua:269: in function 'GetDealInformation'
  4. |caaaaaa<Locals> itemLink = "|H0:item:125596:3:1:0:0:0:0:0:...", purchasePrice = 1000, stackCount = 1, key = "|H0:item:125596:3:1:0:0:0:0:0:...", salesCount = 0, priceStats = [table:1]{AmountCount = 8, Max = 3368, Min = 40, Avg = 616.63, EntryCount = 8} </Locals>|r
  5. user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentreCompanion/TTCCompanion_Main.lua:449: in function 'TTCCompanion.AddSellingAdvice'
  6. |caaaaaa<Locals> rowControl = ud, result = [table:2]{slotIndex = 1, name = "Гриб (свинушка на...", sellerName = "@Lost.Seeker", stackCount = 1, itemUniqueId = 2.5667390281723e+15, icon = "/esoui/art/icons/housing_veg_f...", purchasePricePerUnit = 1000, itemLink = "|H0:item:125596:3:1:0:0:0:0:0:...", currencyType = 1, displayQuality = 2, purchasePrice = 1000, timeRemaining = 2592030, quality = 2}, sellingAdvice = ud, itemLink = "|H0:item:125596:3:1:0:0:0:0:0:..." </Locals>|r
  7. user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentreCompanion/TTCCompanion_Main.lua:418: in function 'func'
  8. /EsoUI/Libraries/Globals/globalapi.lua:252: in function '(anonymous)'
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