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Scribes of Fate (8.3.5)
Firesong (8.2.5)
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Furnishings placed 2 Nickname
Version: 37.0
by: remosito [More]
Dumping your furniture in your houses? No clue which ones are full or still have space?

I am.

So I wrote this little addon that gives houses new nicknames containing how much furniture is placed in them.

Nicknames are displayed in:
- Collections -> Houses Tab
- BeamMeUp Houses Tab (nicknames do not update until refresh result list)
- Housing Hub

Format example:


- Furniture placed info is only available while in the house. So you have to port there and enter Housing Editor mode.
- Nickname lenght is limited to max 20. So displaying limits for all 4 Categories is not possible as big houses would exceed 20 characters.

Super lightweight:

No dependencies, no settings, no saved variables, no slash commands, only executed on entering/leaving House Editor mode
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