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Scribes of Fate (8.3.5)
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FCO PsijicUndoHelper (Undo/Temproal Guard/Precognition)
Version: 1.0
by: Baertram [More]
FCO PsijicUndoHelper

This addon depends on the following libraries:

Provides a movable UI which shows your atributes (health, magicka, stamina) 4 seconds before the current time, to provide you a visual help for the Psijic ultimate skill "Undo" or its morphs (Temporal Guard / Precognition).
The addon will automatically detect if you got the Psijic skill line unlocked or not, and if you got the ultimate of the skill line slotted or not.
The first show of the UI attribute bars will show the bars empty (as the values from 4 seconds before were not tracked yet!).

Important: If you buy the Psijic skill line via the crown store, or if you unlock it after the addon was loaded, please do a /reloadui afterwards in chat/change the zone with a loading screen to update the addon data properly!

  • Movable UI with list of attributes (choosable)
  • Only show in combat
  • Only show on the weapon bars were the Psijic ultimate is slotted
  • Change opacity/alpha value based on the ultimate value (the less ulti, the more shine through), with a choosable minimum alpha value
  • Change the seconds that the attributes updater uses (default: 4seconds because this is the value the skill will teleport you backwards to!).

After installing the addon please visit the settings menu (ESC -> Settings -> AddOn settings) and configure it there to your needs!

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