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Updated: 05/24/23 09:09 AM
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Necrom (9.0.0)
Scribes of Fate (8.3.5)
Updated:05/24/23 09:09 AM
Created:05/24/23 09:09 AM
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Total downloads:1,932
Version: 1.7
by: laurj787 [More]
Have you ever attacked an enemy player and have an instant regret, because he is way tankier than you can handle? I had, so that's why I created this addon.

This addon shows target current health and max health around the cursor, with color and title depending on their health.

Addon differentiates between NPC (pet is NPC) and Players, with color groups & titles being defined separately.


* LibAddonMenu-2.0
1.7 updated to meet necrom requirements

1.6: Added an option to show enemy HP as percentage at the same place where execute message should appear

1.5: Now it detects damage shields and shows their value below current HP, current HP color group takes damage shield into account;

Positioning, font size;

Can now disable it in PvE content;

Can now disable it for non-targetable units (allies);

1.4: Removed LibStub dependency.

1.3: Current HP label uses color group independently from the rest of UI.
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