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Necrom (9.0.0)
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BuzzOff Restored
Version: 1.01
by: kad [More]
Deactivates catching Torchbugs and Butterflies while Mirri is around.
Dismiss her to go on a hunt again.

The original author for this, Asaril, does not appear to have been on ESOUI since late 2021 and since it was throwing UI errors as of Necron I've uploaded this version that I fixed for my own use. All I did was fix the UI error and bump the API, no other changes have been made nor do I intend to make any. If you need a language added, I will attempt that though.

Code is based on NoInteract, which in turn copied from No, Thank You!
Tested only with the English client, but should work with English, French, German, Russian and Japanese as well.
If you want to have another translation added, comment with the relevant words for "torchbug" and "butterfly", as shown when you try to catch one.
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