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base-game patch (9.1.5)
Necrom (9.0.0)
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BUI Fix LayoutMode
Version: 1.0.0
by: KaiketsuDovin [More]
This add-on fixes an issue where the layout mode of the BUI stops working.
This is a potential environment dependent issue and is not needed unless you intend to change your favorite layout with BUI add-ons.

The scope of this add-on covers the following BUI setting items.

* Base options -> Move Frames
* Buffs ->Widgets -> Manage widgets
* Companions -> Move Frames

This add-on does not modify the BUI source code.
This add-on only works in the aforementioned layout change modes, and has a very minor impact on performance.

I have confirmed the problem has been fixed in the following version.
  • Bandits User Interface 4.343
  • Bandits Companions and Pets 1.7.7
There is no harm in continuing to use this add-on, but it is not necessary unless the problem reoccurs by the regression.
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Ah, it looks like the BUI itself has just been fixed, so we don't need this patch anymore. LOL
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