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Dungeon and Trial Instance Reset Tool
Version: 1.0.3
by: code65536 [More]
NOTE: This addon has been discontinued because its functionality is now a part of Raidificator. Please uninstall this addon and replace it with Raidificator.

What is this?

This is a tool designed to reset dungeon, trial, and group arena instances by disbanding and reforming the group. This tool was created to work around the changes to the instance departure rules in Update 39 and to significantly simplify the process of resetting an instance mid-combat.

How does it work?

When invoked, this addon will disband the group and immediately re-invite everyone. Additionally, group members who have this addon installed will automatically accept a re-invite after the disband, so players will not have to fumble through their notifications to accept the group invite, and it speeds up the process of reforming the group; a full 12-person group could be disbanded and fully reformed within about 3 seconds if every member has the ability to auto-accept disband re-invites.
  • Note: Basic support for auto-accepting a re-invite after a disband was also added to Code's Combat Alerts, so group members who are not the leader can get the feature to auto-accept a disband re-invite either through this addon or through CCA.

I'm the group lead; how do I use this addon?

There are two different ways to invoke this addon:
  • The first is via the /reformgroup chat command. As a safeguard against accidental disbands, you will see a confirmation popup.
  • The second method, which is what I personally recommend, is by setting a keybind for "Reform Group". As a safeguard against accidental disbands, you must tap the key that you bound three times in quick succession; there is no confirmation popup with the keybind invocation.

Does this work mid-combat?

Yes! The rules preventing players from leaving an instance mid-combat do not apply if the instance has been destroyed, so this will allow players to immediately leave the instance even if they are in combat. For group members who have this addon, it will by default automatically remove them from incomplete scored content (i.e., a vet trial after it has begun but before it has been completed), to facilitate the common use case of resetting a trial on death (this behavior can be changed in the settings).
  • Versions 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 (2023/09/15)
    • The conditional auto-exit option will now require that the player be in combat (the unconditional auto-exit option remains unchanged), so players can choose to leave the instance or port home when the a reset happens out of combat
    • Increased the delay between each invite to 100ms, in an effort to alleviate issues with the server not processing them properly

  • Version 1.0.1 (2023/09/13)
    • Reduced the 150ms delay between each invite, if the player has low ping

  • Version 1.0.0 (2023/09/12)
    • Initial version
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Thank you for writing this addon! I thought about rewriting FastReset to do exactly the same before i left ESO. But I stumbled across the problem that it might be very inconvinient if only a single person does not have the addon installed and misses the reinvite that way. So it wouldn't work anyway and i trashed the Idea. The solution to include the auto-acceptor in CCA is awesome and very smart. Everyone should have that Addon anyway. Congrats again my friend! You are a genius
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