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Auto Sprint Hotkey
Version: 1.0
by: heyguyslol [More]
This is a AutoHotKey script that allows the user to toggle a hotkey on and off for sprint. This makes it so you do not have to hold your hotkey to sprint. I made this script mainly to use while I'm mounted since horses in eso have the ability to sprint infinitely.

My recommendation for those who wish to use this script is to set your main sprint hotkey as your default and your secondary hotkey as your autohotkey toggle (which in this script has been set to the L Shift key.)

How to use:

1. First, Download & install AutoHotKey


2. Second, Download the file called "eso_shift_toggle.ahk"

3. Third, Go to your ESO Controls/Keybindings. Set your Sprint key Secondary Bind to the Left "Shift" key.

4. Finally, Run the "eso_shift_toggle.ahk" script.

Now when you hit the Left Shift key while moving, you will sprint until you hit the Left Shift key again to toggle it off, just like the in game auto run hotkey.

FYI, If you want to take this a bit further you can also create a macro using your mouse, gamepad, or 3rd party macro program to auto run & sprint with one single hotkey.

NOTE: When you are not playing ESO or you need to use the Shift key to type, you can suspend the autohotkey script by pressing the "Tilde" key `. This will disable the script until you want to re-enable, by again hitting the "Tilde"key `

You are also welcome to edit the script to change the hotkeys but be aware that some hotkeys may not work, all you can do is test it. You can use "Notepad" to edit the script.

Known Issues:
1. For some reason on Windows 8.1, if you set this script to run in your windows startup (which will auto load the script when you start windows) the script does not work. You will need to manually run the script each time you login to windows.

2. Sometimes when you hit the L Shift key the script doesn't enable but if u hit it a second time it does. You can see if the auto sprint is enabled when u notice your horses stamina starting to deplete.

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Unread 06/14/18, 10:57 AM  

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Even in 2018 this works! Thanks!


Bit late, but the following code seems to work for me.

#IfWinActive, ahk_class EsoClientWndClass
    if GetKeyState("LShift") ; LShift is logically down. Release it.
        Send {Blind}{LShift Up}
    else ; LShift is logically up. Press it.
        Send {Blind}{LShift Down}
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Unread 05/28/17, 02:02 AM  

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Can you edit this to work only when the eso window is active?
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