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Harven's Quest Journal  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.7
by: Harven [More]
This is my vision of the quest journal. I wanted it to look more classic, like TES3 Morrowind's quest journal. It has full functionality of the original ESO quest journal plus some additions. The additions include:
- display of times (start time, steps times, end time),
- quests history (Completed Quest),
- quests conversations (quest start/end dialogs),
- display of completed quests rewards,
- quest progression steps,
- possibility to change the journal appearance (skin, font, colors)
To open the journal type /journal command or go to the controls menu and set your desired key binding. The quest history contains only quest completed after this addon installation.

Quest Journal Navigation
Navigation tips are shown on the bottom strip. Here are the defaults:

Current Quests page
T - switch to the Completed Quests page,
LMB - click on a quest name to switch to details page,
RMB - click on a quest name to set it as focused.

Completed Quests page
T - switch to the Current Quests page,
LMB - switch to details page of selected quest,

Quest Details page
T - back to the Current/Completed Quest page,
E - previos page,
R - next page,
F - share quest (if the quest is not completed),
X - abandon quest (if the quest is not completed),
X - delete quest (if the quest is completed),
F1 - set as focused (if the quest is not completed),
M - show on map (if the quest is not completed),
LMB - click on the NPC name to switch to the Conversation History page.

Conversation History page
T - back to the Quest Details page,

If you like my work you can make me happy by sending some in-game gold/items to @theharven on EU server (but please, no lockpicks ), eventually you can help me pay my monthly subscription by donating some money.

Version 2.7:
- Fixed issue which caused all current quests to be marked as complete (not my fault - there was a change in the game API behaviour),
- API version changed to 100026.

Version 2.6:
- Fixed libHarvensAddonSettings library,
- API version changed to 100024.

Version 2.5d:
- Fixed errors related to changes in the API,
- API version changed to 100023.

Version 2.5c:
- LibStub updated to the latest version,
- API version changed to 100020.

Version 2.5b:
- Fixed missing category names,
- API version changed to 100019.

Version 2.5a:
- API version changed to 100018.

Version 2.5:
- API version changed to 100017,
- Fixed keybind.

Version 2.4:
- API version changed to 100016,
- Updated LHAS, thanks Votan :)

Version 2.3:
- Fixed UI exception reported in comments (thanks for reporting :)

Version 2.2a:
- Fixed wrong offset in click-map at completed quests index page.

Version 2.2:
- Did some optimisations so the addon uses less memory and creates less garbage for garbage collector.

Version 2.1d:
- API version changed to 100015.

Version 2.1c:
- API version changed to 100014.

Version 2.1b:
- API version changed to 100013.

Version 2.1a:
- Fixed UI Error caused by pressing "Share" or "Abandon".

Version 2.0:
- API version changed to 100012,
- New version of LibHarvensAddonSettings - thanks to Votan :)

Version 1.9:
- Added an option to display only zone names and categories at completed quests index page. Then you can click choosen category or zone name to view all completed quests in that category/zone.

Version 1.8d:
- API version changed to 100011,

Version 1.8c:
- Fixed a bug causing ui exceptions sometimes when finishing a quest.

Version 1.8b:
- Fixed a bug causing ui exceptions in non-english game version.

Version 1.8a:
- Fixed a bug causing display of empty quests list and sometimes even ui exceptions.

Version 1.8:
- Added 2 new settings to the options menu:
- "Save Completed Daily Quests" - when disabled, completed daily quests will not be added to the completed quests list,
- "Save Completed Repeatable Quests" - same as above,
- Fixed the lips sync bug,
- Added possibility to delete completed quest,
- Added (completed/current) quests list sorting switch (below the left page of the quest journal)

Version 1.7a:
- API version changed to 100010,
- New version of LibHarvensAddonSettings (thanks to Garkin).

Version 1.7:
- Marking current quest as completed when there is no such quest in the vanilla quest journal.

Version 1.6a:
- API version changed to 100009.

Version 1.6:
- Fixed missing side quests after fresh addon installation,
- API version changed to 100008.

Version 1.5:
- Fixed duplicate zone names,
- Added experience points and veteran points reward for completing quest.

Version 1.4:
- Made some fixes related to API changes.
- API version changed to 100007.

Version 1.3:
- Added an option to open the journal at currently focused quest.
- Updated Addon Settings library.

Version 1.2:
- Added options menu where you can change appearance settings (skin, fonts and colors) - see the screenshots,
- Fixed a bug causing impossibility to click more than 8 quest names on the index page. It turns out that label control can have 8 links only so I've changed the click handlers - should work now.

Version 1.1:
- Fixed lua exception which sometimes appeared after clicking NPC name on quest details page.
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add-ons are currently unavailable please try again later Fix

If you get that message and cant edit the setting add the following addon.


Hope it helps
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Unread 09/14/19, 05:40 AM  

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Are there any plans at present to pull completed quests from the API for quests completed without the addon installed? It'd be really nice to see what my main character did before I added this, and you could just fill in the date and time with something cheeky like "long ago".
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Unread 06/17/19, 09:05 AM  

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Random question: the start/end time of quests...is it the in-game time that shows on the mini-map or is it real time? If it's the latter, is there a way to change the time zone? I'm noticing that quests I start/end are about 12 hours ahead of my actual time.

I also agree with Alexandriae regarding the keybinding for to go back (and/or right/left click to flip pages).
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Unread 03/08/19, 05:43 PM  

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Non-Default Key Binding

Hi, I'm not sure if this feature already exists (maybe I'm just blind xD), but I couldn't find a way to change key bindings for the journal. For me, the default key bound for "Set Focus" is already in use for something else (my quickslots are F1-F5). If you could implement a way for us to bind these functions to another key, I'd really appreciate it!

Also, I'd like to suggest the ability to right click when on the Quest Details page to go back to the Current/Completed Journal page (whichever you were on previously). I know the binding T functions as this, but this feels more natural - would rather have this replace T altogether.

Lastly (I know, a lot of suggestions lol), if you could figure out a way to add the Almanac, Lore Library, Achievs, and Leaderboards in the upper right corner - similar to the default Journal - that would be awesome! As it is now, I still have to use the default journal if I want to check these as there is no keybind for them.

Thanks in advance!
Last edited by Alexandriae : 03/08/19 at 08:01 PM.
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Unread 03/07/19, 06:03 PM  
lexo1000's Avatar
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French display bug

Hi Harven. Thanks a lot to keep this wonderful addon alive.

Locations name displaying curious in french. Can you fix this please ? (highlight it in yellow on screenshot)

Last edited by lexo1000 : 03/07/19 at 06:47 PM.
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Unread 03/06/19, 10:09 AM  
NTak's Avatar
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Just to say…
Thank you for this wonderful quests-book !
I believe in…
Making tweaking easy: Camera / Dialog / Loot'n'Steal
⸺ ⋅ ⋅ ⸺ ⸺ ⋅ ⸺

@Takit (EU Server)
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Unread 03/05/19, 05:10 PM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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HAHAHA Good Timing

Oh nice, I was JUST about to post some screen shots of the issue and ask what was going on. Thank you for keeping this mod going because it is way better then the vanilla quest log!! THANK YOU!
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Unread 03/04/19, 03:22 PM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 5
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Will this be updated any time soon? My journal is completely broken with the latest ESO update :*(

I love this mod and can't live without it!
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Unread 02/27/19, 08:45 AM  
Harven's Avatar
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@Shadowshire, it's not like that. The addon has it's own "database" of completed/current quests. It only uses the api to make sure the list of current quests is up to date. If you select any in-progress or completed quest you will see the addon has more data than the game provides - because it's storing the data on the go.
If you have a suggestion, you would like to report a bug or just want to chat/ask some questions feel free to join our discord server https://discord.gg/QEWdHre.
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Unread 02/22/19, 01:07 AM  

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Post Record of Quests Displayed By Harven's Quest Journal 2.6

On the face of it, each time that HQJ is loaded, it reads the Quest Journal archive and/or other records from the megaserver that pertain to the character which the player has selected to play. It also subsequently stores the data which it received in the HQJ Saved Variables file. (Presumably HQJ reads that file if the player reloads the UI.)

That is, HQJ does not create or maintain an independent record of each player-character's current quests and the quests which the character completes. I do not know of any other ESO add-on which does maintain an independent Quest Journal archive and/or records of Achievements.

That is unfortunate, and not what I have previously expected HQJ to do. It is unfortunate because the NA megaserver records have become corrupted for the Quests which my character Ace Adeya has completed, along with specific achievements associated with them.

Primarily, I can prove that corruption has occurred because Outfit Station Dyes were unlocked by completing specific quests, or for specific achievements such as "Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion". I don't know whether that will suffice to enable or to motivate ZOS to investigate and to rectify the corruption, thus to ameliorate its consequences.

In effect, all that HQJ does is display the data which it obtains from the megaserver, regardless of whether it is incomplete or otherwise corrupt. Which is not to say that it is not beneficial to use, just that it is not an independent record. <sigh>
---- Shadowshire ..... nil carborundum illegitimi
Last edited by Shadowshire : 02/22/19 at 01:11 AM.
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Unread 01/28/19, 04:18 AM  
RavenMind's Avatar

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Re: How to add padt completed quests

Originally Posted by Khedrak
For this is the main reason to use an addon like this. Most of my characters already have done some quests. I need to know what quests they have already done.

Otherwise the Completed quests section is useless unless you make a new character.
That is a fair point. I like this addon & will continue to use it on new characters, but it would sure be great to have that ability.

Khedrak, may I ask which addon is able to display a history of quests prior to addon installation? (No offense intended Harven.)

Harven: Do you plan on looking into a fix for the nil value error? Thanks very much!
Last edited by RavenMind : 01/28/19 at 04:20 AM.
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Unread 12/15/18, 02:15 PM  
Hodoo's Avatar

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I had the same error as the previous poster. Had to remove an empty entry for 'Wayrest Sewers I' from my saved variables in order to use the journal on that character again.
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Unread 07/27/18, 07:49 AM  

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Error message

Yesterday it simply started showing some errors when my game starts but only on one character on others it works fine. When the game starts the error is this one

user:/AddOns/HarvensQuestJournal/HarvensQuestJournal.lua:708:table index is nil
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/HarvensQuestJournal/HarvensQuestJournal.lua:708:in function
user:/AddOns/HarvensQuestJournal/HarvensQuestJournal.lua1223:in function 'HarvensQuestJournal.AddonLoaded'

and any other time when i try to open the journal it is this error

:1:attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
:1:in function '(main chunk)'

I really dont know the reason and the help would be appreaciated. Thx in advance.

P.S. As i said it works normaly on other characters just not on this one suddenly. Strange i know.
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Unread 06/07/18, 09:39 AM  

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Originally Posted by Harven
@Khedrak, you can only get titles of completed quests with ESO api. That's too little info for this addon so it will only log quests completed after you installed it.
OK NVM I found an addon that does. I don't see why yours can not for it would make it better.
Last edited by Khedrak : 06/07/18 at 09:48 AM.
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Unread 06/01/18, 06:36 PM  
Teva's Avatar

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Also, The Cutpurse's Craft quest in Thieves Guild had errors:

user:/AddOns/HarvensQuestJournal/HarvensQuestJournal.lua:685: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/HarvensQuestJournal/HarvensQuestJournal.lua:685: in function 'HarvensQuestJournal:FindCompletedQuest'
user:/AddOns/HarvensQuestJournal/HarvensQuestJournal.lua:1363: in function '(anonymous)'
Last edited by Teva : 06/01/18 at 06:39 PM.
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