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ZeroBrane Studio - ESOAddonDev Plugin
Version: 1.0
by: farangkao [More]
Okay i found this really nice IDE for Lua Development:ZeroBrane Studio
It's open source but i recommend you to also give a small Donation if you find it useful.

Basic Functionality
  • Edit Lua Files (incl. syntax coloring, folding)
  • Edit XML Files (no syntax coloring, folding by default)
  • Debug Lua Files*
  • Compile Lua Files*

* this works only for pure Lua Code, for ESO Addon's you will need to do some extra work (see below)

Now what i did is (with the help of Paul Kulchenko) to implement a plugin for ZBS
to make development for ESO even more cool.

ESOAddonDev Plugin
  • Edit Xml Files with Syntax Coloring and Folding
  • AutoComplete most ESO specific Functions, Constants, Events.
  • ToolTips for most Functions
  • Compiling and Debugging*

* Needs some extra Coding on your part.

ZIP File Contents

The Content is also available on Github:
(if someone likes to help contribute contact me)

Also included in this ZIP is DistLua Package for ZBS by Paul Kuchenko

Install Instructions

Download and Install ZBS

Note: ZBS is open source, but please consider to donate for this great project

The following Files you find in the ZIP:

eso-zbo-master\Packages\LuaDist.lua and save the file to {InstallDir}\Packages
eso-zbo-master\Packages\ESOAddonDev.lua and save the file to {InstallDir}\Packages

Type the command inside ZBS on the Local Console: luadist.install "luaxml"

this will install LuaXML Support into ZBS.

Switch the Lua Interpreter in the Menu Project to ESOAddonDev

Read more on the official Topic in the Forums
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