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Update 5 (1.5.2)
Updated:11/19/14 01:13 PM
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LanguageChanger for 1.5.5
Version: 0.1
by: Hiiko [More]
I always wanted the option to translate the game with a keystroke without having to restart the game. A standard feature for GW1 and GW2.

Today I saw, there is a command for this in the game.

That's why I leanred LUA and coded a little addon for that functionality, that you can just press a key and translate the whole UI within seconds.

You don't need to download anything extra for this addon to work, but there is a little loading screen everytime, when you change the language. Just like /reloadui.

You need to select keybindings for the translations.
Controls -> Keybindings -> General -> LanguageChanger
If you don't want any of the languages, just don't assign a key to it.

I hope some of you find this as usefull as I do.
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Works fine... but doesn't reverse language

I use to play both in english (prefered) and french (with frenchies... obvious). I liked so much this feature in GW and GW2.

Your addon works fine at changing from EN to FR, but when changing again from FR to EN it changes only the UI, NPC's still speak in french and there is no way to make them speaking in english again.
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