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File: Votan's Advanced Settings03/20/23
Just wanna say thanks for this awes...
Posted By: votan
Just wanna say thanks for this awesome addon :) Thank You. :)
File: Votan's Advanced Settings03/20/23
Re: defaults
Posted By: votan
Are defaults also ESO defaults? If not, could you make a button to restore ESO defaults? Thanks! Yes. Defaults are ESO defaults.
File: Votan's Darker Nights03/18/23
Re: Doesn't work for
Posted By: votan
If you set the new furniture clock to make your house be permanently at night, it doesn't seem to activate Darker Nights when the in game clock is still day. Any chance this would be possible? nope. The in-game time is a calculated time. Not from API. Therefore the addon does not know, what "fake" time it is.
File: Votan's Crafting Quick Access03/16/23
Re: potential problems after Scribes of Fate update
Posted By: votan
Main.lua line 2 calls upon SetResizeToFitDescendents() which ZOS deprecated this week and could potentially cause errors. If this addon is still maintained, please check if that line needs removal/adjustment to avoid errors. smithingQuickAccess:SetResizeToFitDescendents(false) P.S. Does this update itself to automatically reflect...
File: Votan's Improved Locations03/13/23
Re: Re: Re: Got some warning log
Posted By: votan
Thanks for ur addon, I got some warning log, but the addon is still working, the BugCatcher often told me got a bug log in chatbox, just a little annoying. Could u find out what's going on with this issue? thx a lot! :) Which language do you use? Meanwhile you can disable the "Votan's Survey The World" extension. I use chine...
File: LibCustomMenu03/13/23
Re: Error after U37
Posted By: votan
Lua Error: user:/AddOns/LibCustomMenu/LibCustomMenu.lua:729: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibCustomMenu/LibCustomMenu.lua:729: in function 'AddCustomMenuItem' mytext = "-", orgItemPool = {m_NextControlId = 30, m_NextFree = 31}, orgCheckboxItemPool = {m_NextControlId = 30, m_NextFree = 31}, is...
File: Votan's Improved Locations03/12/23
Re: Got some warning log
Posted By: votan
Thanks for ur addon, I got some warning log, but the addon is still working, the BugCatcher often told me got a bug log in chatbox, just a little annoying. Could u find out what's going on with this issue? thx a lot! :) Which language do you use? Meanwhile you can disable the "Votan's Survey The World" extension.
File: LibCustomMenu03/11/23
Re: any plans for friends list and group support?
Posted By: votan
Have any plans for: RegisterFriendRosterContextMenu and RegisterGroupRosterContextMenu by chance? Yes, if you need that, I can do that. /Edit: Done with version 7.2.0.
File: Harven's Improved Skills Window03/06/23
Re: Possiable feature request
Posted By: votan
Is it possible to show the level of each skill morph without having to spend skill points? Reason I ask this is when doing master writs, I like to slot un-leveled skills to level them up fast. That is a good question. I have to check this.
File: Rare Fish Tracker03/05/23
Re: Possibly do this ?
Posted By: votan
Hi, with the global achievements in ESO now making it pretty useless to see who has what regarding fishing, is it possibly to work in an option in the settings of Rare Fish Tracker, so we can tell what character has what fish from which zone instead of just listing it all as caught ? My main has Master Angler but i have no way of kno...
File: Votan's Housing Filter02/23/23
Did zos just steal this addon for n...
Posted By: votan
Did zos just steal this addon for next update 😅 :) Well, I would feel honored. And yes, this addon will be obsolete with update 37.
File: Votan's Minimap02/18/23
Re: Accurate World Map
Posted By: votan
Hello Votan, I've installed the Accurate World Map addon recently. Could you maybe integrate the Eltheric Ocean map (Highisle & Amenos, Galen) of the addon, so that Mini Map's map zoom is also working there? https://i.imgur.com/JGREID0.png Hmm. As the mini map is just a resized window version of the world map, the questio...
File: Votan's Minimap02/16/23
Since the skyshard author deleted m...
Posted By: votan
Since the skyshard author deleted my comment on his thread, I guess I'll post here. Ever since Zos added skyshard proximity detection, the skyshard addon, or this addon hasn't been working properly, it'll show a skyshard where there normally isn't one on my compass, but not the minimap. I play with gamepad mode on, but disabling GP,...
File: Harven's All Experience Bars02/12/23
Re: Cannot add new bars
Posted By: votan
Greetings, first thanks for creating this addon. Looks like it'll be immensely useful once I figure out how to get it working. I installed it and started up the game and sure enough there were 2 bars on my screen, sadly neither are useful. Legerdemain and soul magic. I right click and the drop down menu appears that gives me the a...
File: Votan's Craglorn Dungeon Codes02/11/23
I have this error. I play with game...
Posted By: votan
I have this error. I play with gamepad at the moment. user:/AddOns/VotansCraglornDungeonCodes/Main.lua:206: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/VotansCraglornDungeonCodes/Main.lua:206: in function 'showCode' |caaaaaa pin = {nY = 0.75597786903381, scaleModifier = 1, nX = 0.17235971987247, tar...
File: Votan's Group Pins02/11/23
Re: Re: Player pin in minimap gone
Posted By: votan
Hi! I downloaded this addon today, but noticed right away that the pin indicating my position in the minimap (also by you) as well as on the main map is invisible. I made sure that there's no other addon causing this error. When I disabled this addon the pin returned. My companion's pin is still visible though, so at least I have a s...
File: Harven's All Experience Bars01/29/23
Re: Snap to grid?
Posted By: votan
Do you have any plans to add a snap to grid option? It doesn't necessarily have to be to a grid but holding shift could have bars snap to ever 10 or whatever pixels. This would allow for much more precise positioning. I have a number of skill XP bars on my screen via your addon, it's just very hard to make sure they are aligned. Than...
File: Harven's All Experience Bars01/29/23
Hello! First off: thank you for...
Posted By: votan
Hello! First off: thank you for making this amazing plugin, I find it very useful. :) Unfortunately, I encountered a bug. When leveling up characters under level 50, the experience bar for the character level doesn't update the exp needed to gain another level and instead just shows current xp/1- For example 3700/1 exp and is...
File: Harven's Quest Journal01/28/23
Re: Completed qeust
Posted By: votan
Hi if there is any option to show alredy completed quest before addon instalation? Or maybe in future add option to import completed quest info :) As far as I understood this addon, the data (all those timestamps) is available, if it was recorded with the addon, only. I just maintain it.
File: Harven's Custom Map Pins (Markers)01/22/23
Re: Legend with Icons in the Map
Posted By: votan
Hi, shouldn't there be Icons in the Map Filters Tab? :) https://i.imgur.com/c5KBxYG.png Yes, I can add that.
File: Votan's Craglorn Dungeon Codes12/29/22
Re: extend codes
Posted By: votan
Hi, I find this concept great, do you think it would be possible to extend this to all other Raid codes or Dungeons from other HL zones. Thank you. I changed the description text to make it more clear. All zones are included already.
File: Votan's Improved Locations12/27/22
Re: Getting the error again, screen shot and lua included
Posted By: votan
I've been on for a long time without issues, gathering hireling mail and stable training 10 toons. Was fixing my VampSorc's 2 armory builds, switching back and forth, cleared CP and attributes and had Vampirism cleansed for one of them. Collected my writs and decided to do them in Summerset instead of High Isle. Used the map to...
File: Votan's Housing Filter12/27/22
First of all thank you very much fo...
Posted By: votan
First of all thank you very much for this addon.Im looking for something like this for days now.very useful as usual of Votanís.now I have a queastion why cant I find it ingame settings/addons and also If you still maintain this one,if it is possible to add more filters placing the items.to add bank and chest to existing own invento...
File: Votan's Minimap12/09/22
Re: UI error
Posted By: votan
I got this error. ------------------------------------- user:/AddOns/VotansMiniMap/Styles.lua:3: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/VotansMiniMap/Styles.lua:3: in function '(main chunk)' |caaaaaa self = {isSpecialZoom = F, name = "VotansMiniMap"} |r --------------------------------...
File: Votan's Minimap11/22/22
The sticky POIs are still a problem...
Posted By: votan
The sticky POIs are still a problem after the latest update. hmm. I have not seem them. Thanks for letting me know.