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File: Wizard's Wardrobe09/20/21
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Enabling Unequip Empty Slots does not seem to be doing the trick for me. Poisons stay on when i swap from a build saved with poison to one without poison. Could i be doing something wrong? Feature Request: One option I would like to see added is when viewing the inventory to add a dot to the item to show it is part of a wardrobe s...
File: Wizard's Wardrobe09/15/21
Undress feature
Posted By: Nine1one
I noticed that Undress feature sometimes would not unequip some gear for me. Usually at least 1 body and 1 jewelry piece would still be on. I went ahead and looked at how it works and by increasing the delay multiplayer from 200 to 400 in WW.Undress function was the solution for me. I play with a bit higher ping, EU player on NA serv...
File: My Build Redux04/14/19
Thank you for this addon. What is t...
Posted By: Nine1one
Thank you for this addon. What is the difference to Superstar addon pls? At least from what i noticed, Superstar is throwing some UI errors and i have troubles seeing skills of both bars at the same time. They simply would not load after barswap -> Refresh. MyBuild always worked fine except for Summerset traits were not there and...