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File: Bandits User Interface07/05/19
Blurry text on group names
Posted By: enarr
Edit: Nevermind, its actually a zos issue not bandit ui.
File: Combat Metronome (GCD Tracker)06/17/19
Love the addon. Any way to add an...
Posted By: enarr
Love the addon. Any way to add an option to set settings for all characters? I'd love to use it on all my alts but I'm too lazy to set up it on every single one.
File: Bandits User Interface06/07/19
Any chance you can add cooldown num...
Posted By: enarr
Any chance you can add cooldown numbers for the quickslot/potions?
File: Bandits User Interface05/03/19
Side Bar disappears
Posted By: enarr
Wished the sidebar would stop disappearing on me. I'd love to use it more, it's a great feature.
File: AwesomeGuildStore05/02/19
Issue with AGS searching
Posted By: enarr
My friends and I use and love AGS. However, many times when we search thru guild trader, issues with it keep popping up. Issues ranging from request failed constantly because of the auto search feature (?) to results simply not showing up at all. Is this an issue with AGS or something on our end? Any help would be greatly appreci...