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File: RdK Group Tool01/21/20
Thanks Sordrak option for fullscree...
Posted By: lord Crull
Thanks Sordrak option for fullscreen (widowed) helping now i have rigth beams. I will send you donate ;)
File: RdK Group Tool11/18/19
Posted By: lord Crull
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/298168638312153089/645990274941714432/Screenshot_20191118_150830.png?width=780&height=439 subsampling is on high but not working. Holt will probably have a wheel or get used to the long beam :)
File: RdK Group Tool11/15/19
crown beam
Posted By: lord Crull
Hi Sordrak, your addon is perfect, but I have one problem whit crown beam and others beam https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/270256544749322260/640983422961057794/Screenshot_20191104_193836.png?width=785&height=442 or I am only stupid :) my teamplayeers have the beams ok only I have same extras :D thanks for you answer and...