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File: JunkBuster10/15/19
Line Break
Posted By: myrthril
I have a line break between rule #'s 28 and 29. Does that mean one of these rules contradicts a previous rule? I'm not sure what the line break is intended to mean.
File: Dark Deals10/14/19
Posted By: myrthril
Perfect and such a time saver. Many thanks! +Fav :banana:
File: CraftStore Dragonhold10/03/19
Not in gamepad mode. Thanks for the...
Posted By: myrthril
Not in gamepad mode. Thanks for the advice, I'll do a fresh install of my mods and hope that clears it up. Are you in gamepad mode? If not, then it may be an addon conflict, because it's working perfectly for me and I haven't had any other bug reports.
File: CraftStore Dragonhold10/01/19
Re: Re: Preview
Posted By: myrthril
I tried that before, but the preview I got was very strange. It only showed up once I clicked ALT to exit the crafting station. After it did show up, the only way I could exit the preview was to restart the game since there's no interface. I'm sorry I don't know the term for this, but its similar to when you fall through one of those...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold09/30/19
Posted By: myrthril
I can't get item preview to work. The ItemPreview mod has been installed, but the title says "discontinued" - is an alternative available? Also, is there a way to disable auto-crafting on left mouse clicks? I use Minion with automatic updates and don't see any red warnings listed within ESO's AddOn menu. Thank you
File: Quick Destroy (Dragonhold)09/24/19
Posted By: myrthril
Your addon literally saved me hours of tedious work. Thank you! :banana: