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File: Assist Rapid Riding12/04/17
another option please
Posted By: ricka777
Thanks for the update. I would like an option that whenever I mount, the action button switches. Example: I click the buff, I go a short distance in say 3 seconds. I then dismount to pick an herb. I then re-mount, it has only been like 10 seconds or so since I activated the buff last. I want an option that makes the buff rea...
File: Crafting Writ Assistant11/23/17
Posted By: ricka777
I love you forever if you put 6 little icons down at the bottom of your window. 1 icon for each crafting writ. Show Green if completed, Red if incomplete, yellow if you don't have the writ. Never again would I arrive at the turn in having missed one. Please consider and thanks for such a helpful addon. Thanks!
File: Tamriel Trade Centre07/28/17
non-exe option
Posted By: ricka777
Greetings, I created an account for esoui just so I could post this. I've been hacked before for another game, and I refuse to install an executable for an eso addon. Your addon looks very helpful and it solves a huge problem in eso in my opinion, but I believe it would be even more widely used if you made use of an update syste...