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File: Auto Category - Revised01/10/20
Re: Re: How do you just put stuff in a category?
Posted By: Inkling
In order to have a category of random items to give to Paul, (or anything else that is not automatically determined by the characteristics of the item itself), you will want to work with another addon - either ItemSaver or FCO Item Saver - in cooperation with AutoCategory... Thank you for the detailed explanation. It actually occu...
File: Auto Category - Revised01/10/20
How do you just put stuff in a category?
Posted By: Inkling
If you want a category for, say, "Give to Paul When He Logs On," or "Save Through Level 30," or "Put in the Bank," how would you put items in such a category? Thanks!
File: Daily Craft Status01/07/20
Moving the bar To change the statu...
Posted By: Inkling
Moving the bar To change the status bar position, type /dcsbar unlock in chat and drag the small smithy icon around the screen. Once you are done, type /dcsbar saveall to save the position as default for all characters on your account. Other commands: /dcsbar save - saves the position just for current character /dcsbar reset -...
File: TimersOfNirn12/31/19
Unfortunately I think this addon ha...
Posted By: Inkling
Unfortunately I think this addon has been abandoned... Shame. Lot of work to just toss aside.
File: No, thank you! (continued)06/10/18
This comment thread is so cluttered...
Posted By: Inkling
This comment thread is so cluttered with nested quotes and admonitions to "read the thread!" that it's increasingly difficult to find the actual posts about the fix. So here's the fix, un-nested, so it at least appears on this page: Download Circonians LibNotifications from here. Direct download, don't use Minion. Open the LibN...
File: Mount Feed Timer - working06/10/18
Wykkyds Toolbar still works for thi...
Posted By: Inkling
Wykkyds Toolbar still works for this, as does Craftstore, Fyi. Looks good as a lightweight alternative. Where does craftstore have mount tracking?
File: Iakoni's Skill Changer06/06/18
Re: Work around
Posted By: Inkling
So did some more playing around it looks like if i change the name and resave the bars it will let me load them later. I think this is correct. You have to "save" both bars individually though, or it will save one bar and clear the other the next time you "load."
File: AI Research Grid12/03/17
Love this addon, thanks very much....
Posted By: Inkling
Love this addon, thanks very much. What happened to the rest of it? Didn't there used to be more info to the right, including a running timer of all current research? Also the grid is no longer showing traits I can research from my bank/inventory, and isn't updating to show the hourglass when I start researching. (Edit: it does up...
File: Greymind Quick Slot Bar06/21/17
How do you hide the P1, P2, etc, an...
Posted By: Inkling
How do you hide the P1, P2, etc, and settings icon? It's particularly obstructive in the vertical orientation. Thanks!
File: Idle Animations06/02/17
Can't figure out this addon
Posted By: Inkling
No matter what timing settings or animation style I set, the addon just spams /juggleflame every 3 seconds, starting the moment I take my fingers off the keys. A UI reload changes nothing; the only setting that appears to work is "off" (and even that requires a ui reload). Help?
File: Audio Control05/25/17
No longer works
Posted By: Inkling
Broken. Use Audio Toggle instead. It's old but still works as of 5-25-17 (Morrowind patch). http://www.esoui.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=316
File: Audio Toggle05/25/17
Still Works
Posted By: Inkling
This addon still works as of 5-25-17 (Morrowind patch).
File: Wykkyd Enhanced HUD03/21/15
Why on earth are there no screenshots?
Posted By: Inkling
Why on earth are there no screenshots?
File: Luminary - BankerShutUp06/18/14
How to mute NPCs
Posted By: Inkling
"You can now mute any NPC. Just talk to that NPC and click mute." What about the NPCs you can't talk to? The main people I want to mute are Azbishan and Gerethel and their repetitious conversation in the Eldon Root crafting area, but they are not interactable. Thanks!
File: GearSwap06/18/14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Independent Operation
Posted By: Inkling
Hi guys, I've added the ability to keybind the gearsets with the latest update (1.02) - It will be in the normal keybindings menu under GearSwap. Awesome, thanks!
File: GearSwap06/12/14
Independent Operation
Posted By: Inkling
Can you bind the addon to a different key, so that it does not swap gear when you weapon swap? For instance, I'd like to be able to swap between my combat and my +Inspiration set. Thanks!
File: pChat05/29/14
Posted By: Inkling
Great addon, just installed today. Thanks Puddy. I'd like to see an option to revert chat colors to the game default. Or perhaps these could be the default color values for things like Yell and Say? Thanks again!